Zodi Outback Gear

Zodi Outback Gear

If you're looking to stay fresh and clean while camping, our selection of Zodi portable showers and heaters is what you need. Zodi has one of the finest camping shower collections on the market.  It includes battery-powered showers and showers heated by a 40,000 BTU burner. Zodi also has compact, portable heaters made out of stainless steel, so you can warm yourself up on cold camping nights.

And remember, all of our Zodi portable showers and heaters, like every product we sell, come with a 30-day 100% money-guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

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We needed a method for taking a quick shower inside of our cottage in the winter. The water is shut off during this season, but we can use the shower stall. We heated this unit in the kitchen using the stove and was able to take two hot showers!!! Now we can stay at the cottage longer.

I bought this product for my cottage. In the winter we close off the water but still do a couple of winter trips. This is the BEST thing. I can't believe how great the water pressure is for a pump that runs on batteries. Buy it...you won't be disappointed

I absolutely recommend this seller. Item was received as promised and very quickly. I am satisfied totally!

Great item - tad expensive, but grateful that I can repair my solar shower

Perfect except.... the batteries last a long time despite the fact the pump is so powerful. this is now a month. I would like a foot switch because this thing will pump out 3 or 4 gallons of solar heated water before you are ready for it.

This is great,this Shower was added to our gear list this year for our November hunting trip in OH. We camp in the woods for seven days. No showers until this year. It was GREAT. compact, easy to use, holds plenty of water and is very efficient. You can get about three or four showers out of one tank , this made our camping trip much more enjoyable this year and would recommend it.

This unit pumps water well. The only problem we had was the switch does not always lock on. I have to push the switch multiple times to get it to stay on.

This shower was exactly what I was looking for. Perfect for college campus (football game)camping where no hook-ups are available. If you have a vintage camper or pop-up with out a shower, this is perfect, quick and easy....nothing like a hot shower.

About Zodi Outback Gear

Zodi Outback Gear

What started out as a cold solar shower in the mountains of Utah was the beginning of what would later become the #1 rated on-demand portable hot camp shower... And camping as you and I knew it would never be the same again!

Today, the Zodi brand is synonymous with innovation, quality and performance. Our systems are in use in over 75 countries. In fact, our systems are even on Mt. Everest.

Our first products heated water in only 20 minutes. We soon discovered 20 minutes was still too long. Shortly thereafter, we released a system that provided hot water in just 10 minutes. As great as this was, it was still too long. Today, we give you hot water anytime, anywhere in under 10 seconds!

In addition to making the best portable on-demand water heaters and hot showers for the outdoor industry, Zodi is rated the #1 portable water heaters and hot showers for military and industrial needs. Just as we are making campers and hunters all over the world happy with a hot shower at the end of the day, we also provide life-saving hot decon showers used by soldiers, fire fighters and EMS teams world wide. Zodi makes your camping trip better but our products are also saving lives everyday.

Zodi pioneered the instant portable hot shower. Today, Zodi is pleased to offer over 50 camping comfort products! The outdoor industry has recognized our high quality products with numerous awards including over forty "Editor's #1 Choice" along with the "Most Innovative New Product" and "Best of Show."

You can purchase the Zodi products with confidence. Thousands of hunters and campers just like you, enjoy Zodi portable instant hot water for dishes, cleaning up and showers anytime, anywhere.