Youth Camping Campaign

Every year, we sell camping equipment to millions of avid campers, hunters and fisherman from all walks of life.  We try to keep our prices as low as possible, but unfortunately the cost of quality camping gear makes it inaccessible to some Americans, especially youth.

We think it’s important that the joys of the wilderness are available to young people, which is why we have launched a program to outfit young campers with high-quality camping gear at significantly discounted prices.  Most recently, our youth camping program donated over $1,000 in camping equipment to a Boy Scout troop in Prairieville, LA and we will be making further donations in the future.

If you are a member of a youth organization in need of camping gear, please contact us and inquire if you may be eligible for a donation. If we can’t currently meet your camping equipment needs free of charge, we can always offer substantial discounts on bulk purchases.

Together, we can ensure that today’s young people have the opportunity to experience the glory of the great outdoors.


Warren Sager,
Director of Operations
Camping Gear Outlet