Swing Trekking Umbrellas Walking Stick Selection

Swing Trekking Umbrellas Walking Stick Selection
By Husain A.
Cold Steel Knives Slim Stick, Carbon Fiber Walking Stick

The best stick ever, light and very strong.

This is a very high quality walking stick. I bought it for a little support while walking as well as its suitability for defensive use. It is long stick but I am 6'4" and it fits me perfectly, a person not as tall will need to cut it down if they want to use it for support, but that should be an easy process. I have had no issues with any irritation to my hands due to the laminated fiberglass construction as I have read in some reviews, but my hands are calloused as I work with them so that may be why. The tip is a hard plastic that may slip on smooth or wet surfaces but scuffing up the bottom helps alleviate this.You can also find rubber tips inexpensively and at some point it will need to be replaced anyway. The aluminum alloy head is comfortable and classy looking too, I take it everywhere.

The walking stick is one of the best

I thank God I bought this a few years ago and kept it by the bed. Last year, I used it repel a home invader. While unable to stop him, it did slow him down by inflicting head injuries, and this bought us enough time to escape the house without injury to ourselves. Law enforcement picked up the intruder later by literally following his trail of blood. The City Stick withstood hard use very well: after cleaning off the intruder's blood, I noticed that there were just a few scratches on the metal head, and the rubber ferrule was missing. Otherwise it was in full working order, and looking as classy as ever. The rubber ferrule has been replaced, the City Stick is once more standing beside the bed, and peace reigns once more in my home. Congratulations to Cold Steel on an excellent product! I should add that the City Stick is slightly heavy for use as a walking stick, but when the adrenaline surges while facing an growling intruder in the dark, it feels very light.

Great customer service and speedy delivery.

By Rick D.
Cold Steel Knives Slim Stick, Carbon Fiber Walking Stick

EXCELLENT tool, I would carry it even if I didn't need it right now. It needs to be made available in a less-conspicuous color suite, though and maybe a bit longer.

This is a good quality reproduction. I always find cold steel products to be good quality.