Truck-bedz Air Mattresses

Truck-bedz Air Mattresses

If you're looking to transform your vehicle into a stellar camp site, a Truck Bedz air mattress is a must have. Check out our Truck Bedz truck tent collection for protective coverings that fit perfectly in the bed of your truck. Truck Bedz also carries an ergonomic camping pillow that goes well with their thick, high-grade air mattress. Why sleep uncomfortably any longer, when you can instantly turn your truck or SUV into a pleasant campsite with products from Truck bedz air mattress.

Don't forget, all of our Truck bedz air mattress items, like every product we sell, come with a 30-day 100% money-guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

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Recent Reviews - Truck-bedz Air Mattresses

By Su S.
Truck-bedz Weekender Model VSUV A1 Air Mattress,Full Sized SUV's Without Wheel Well Cut Outs

Truck-bedz weekender model VSUV A1 air mattress, full sized SUVs without wheel well cut outs.

By Richard D.
Truck-bedz Weekender Model VTCSB Air Mattress, Tailgate Down for Compact Trucks

Product was a good fit and everything worked as expected. Be sure you match the exact truck size as they do not offer reduced shipping for errors.

By Neil M.
Truck-bedz VFSB Weekender Series Air Matterss- Full Size Short Bed

A perfect fit for my F-150. The pump fills it up quickly and deflates it just as fast. Had a great couple of nights sleep on it.

By Chuck B.
Truck-bedz VCB R1 Weekender Series Air Mattress- Compact Short Bed,Ranger

Excellent product. Slept fine on the first use for 5 nights.

By Gayle M.
Truck-bedz Expedition Model TCSB Air Mattress, Tailgate Down for Compact Trucks

Arrived in New Zealand before it was due and all in one piece. Very comfortable and fits perfectly in the back of the Ford Ranger.

By Brett K.
Truck-bedz VCSB T1 Weekender Series Air Mattress- Compact Short Bed, Toyota

Great product. Well designed. Fits my truck perfectly!

By Levis S.
Truck-bedz VCSB T1 Weekender Series Air Mattress- Compact Short Bed, Toyota

Very easy set-up and very fast inflation with the pump furnished with the mattress. The right equipment for my camping week-end.

By Lévis S.
Truck-bedz VCSB T1 Weekender Series Air Mattress- Compact Short Bed, Toyota

We are very comfortable and inflating very fast.

About Truck-bedz

Truck-bedz Air Mattresses

Truck-Bedz are the toughest and strongest air beds sold in the US outdoors market today. Truck-bedz are designed for sleeping in the back of your pickup truck or SUV. Truck-bedz fit around the wheel wells of your truck, maximizing your sleeping comfort!

Truck-bedz original Expedition series are constructed from backpack cloth and RF welded into shapes to fit nearly every pickup or SUV. Our Truck-bedz Weekender series offer the same great fit and features made from vinyl at a more budgetary price.

Now with over 22 products in completely innovative Dogbone, Rectangular and "T" shapes to fit nearly every camping vehicle in the US today, we're providing you with top quality full thickness sleeping comfort for anyone that sleeps in their vehicles. Call us if you have any questions about the best fitting Truck-bedz for your vehicle.

Thank you for your continued interest and enthusiasm for our Truck-bedz product line.