Spotlight Selection

Spotlight Selection

The spotlight is the big dog of our camping light collection.  These powerful devices are capable of illuminating huge swaths of land, and are ideal for night navigation.  Our spotlight collection offers a variety of heavy duty models with up to 40 hours of run time.  We carry both handheld and swivel spotlight models to meet your needs, in addition to spotlight products specially-designed for illuminating water.  We also carry strobe lamps, which can be seen for up to 3 miles in clear conditions.

Want to learn more about our spotlight collection?  Call or email our friendly customer service staff and they’ll be happy to help you find the right fit for your needs.

Spot Light - LED - CPX6
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Spotlight - 12V LED
$64.99 $88.66
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By Richard H.
Brinkmann 800-1620-0 Q-Beam Blue Max Marine Rechargeable Spotlight

My dad when I was small always had this kind of light and it seems these lights now are not as bright and as good as it was then but I still like the light.

By Paul T.
Humvee 40 Million Candle Power Spot Light, 110V

This is a great light. The main beam shines a long way, probably 1500ft or more. For smaller jobs it has LED lighting on the front that I have been using. In the rear there is two lights. One is a Red flashing light and another is a white light. These rear lights can be turned on or off by a switch. What I like about all the lights that if by chance a bulb burns out, I always have another light ready to switch on so I am not in the dark. Another neat feature of this light is it can be used to charge your car battery. Just plug the cord from the light into your cigar lighter and wait 10 minutes and your car should then start. Great for emergency. For charging this light, there are two ways to do so. One is a 110volt charging adapter that you plug into your wall outlet and then the light. The second way is to plug the light into your cigar lighter and the battery will charge. The battery does last a long time. I have used the light for long periods of time and battery was still good. I did charge it just to make sure I had a full charge for next needed. I keep this light on the back seat of my truck. I always get questions when people see the size of it as everyone is interested. This light is built heavy Duty. It is designed to do work. This is a great light that does it all.

By Randy B.
15 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Searchlight - 220V

I wanted power and I got it with this searchlight. The light easily cuts through the darkness of our ranch. But buyer should pay attention to its size and weight. It's bulky and heavy but it sure does work.

By Dino N.
UNIVERSAL BATTERY 86041 Cordless Spotlight

For the price it's a good spotlight! It looks and feels like its made with cheap parts but it serve its purpose and lights up every time.

By Jackie S.
Optronics 15 Million CP Cordless Rechargeable Spotlight

What a spotlight! A little heavier than I expected, but it has the brightest light. I am very satisfied!

By Dirksdash D.
Weather Channel VEC191 10mm Spotlight with All-Weather Alert

The flashlight is super bright, the auxiliary LED light lights it up great, the weather radio is superb, am/fm radio has excellent reception range, fast charging, and holds a long battery. For the price, this is the BEST flashlight on the market!!

By Brian C.
Optronics Nightblaster Rechargeable Xenon Spotlight

It does a good job!

By John D.
Brinkmann - Max Million Q Beam Black

Very Good Light!