Napier Outdoors (Sportz) Truck Tents

Napier Outdoors (Sportz) Truck Tents

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By Tom J.
Napier Outdoors Backroadz #13 Full Size Short Bed Truck Tent, 6.5Ft.

Very easy to put up and take down. It is very cool!!!!

By Dikran M.
Napier Outdoors Traveler Bag

It is nicely made and is practical for carrying personal belongings.

By Neil M.
Napier Sportz Truck Tent - Full Size Regular Bed (6.4'-6.7')

Added the truck bed mattress to the tent and had the best nights sleep ever. The tent is solid and even parked on the beach at the ocean it was very stable. Can't wait to get back out with it.

By Michael S.
Napier Backroadz SUV Tent

We have not used the tent as yet but we have assembled it and are pleased with the quality and ease of erection.

By Jenn G.
Napier Sportz SUV Tent

I like the tent very much thank you, it works very well. I thought the post from US to Aussie was abit much it was as much as the tent but a good tent. thanks again.

By Dean P.
Sportz Truck Tent III Full Size Long Bed

I just set up for first time in driveway and the tent looks like it will be a winner, however, I have broken 2 poles right out of the gate so be warned this could be a problem. I will try for first time on road soon with some fall camping coming up will re-review after that hopefully new poles and more experience with set-up will provide the primitive but off the ground camping I envisioned with ease of set-up I desired.

By Douglas M.
Sportz Truck Tent III Full Size Long Bed

So far I've only set it up once. You do have to think, because I did have a little trouble with the color codes. And don't get mad or you could break the rods. They do work and after your set up, YOU have a great looking tent. It's a good idea to set it up , at home, before you go camping. Trust me you will thank me.

By Drew S.
Napier Sportz Truck Tent - Full Size Regular Bed (6.4'-6.7')

So far I have only set the tent up to test it and have not actually camped in it yet. It is a very well made tent. It has a lot of poles and takes a while to set up but all of those poles are what makes it feel really sturdy. I set it up with someone helping me and could see it being a little difficult to set up with only 1 person but not impossible.

About Napier Outdoors

Napier Outdoors (Sportz) Truck Tents

In 1990, Napier Outdoors revolutionized the way people view camping by merging the automotive and camping industries together. Observing a need for convenience and flexibility in outdoor adventures, Napier developed their innovative vehicle camping tents.

Since their inception 25 years ago, Napier has expanded their product offerings from the legendary Sportz truck tent to include SUV, minivan, compact vehicle tents and camping accessories. Many exciting changes have recently taken place at Napier, including the introduction of the new Backroadz value-priced vehicle camping tent line in the US and Canada, as well as launching the Sportz 84000 SUV tent in Australia.

Napier Outdoors believes in protecting the great outdoors and has entered a partnership with Trees for the Future, ensuring that one tree is planted for every Backroadz tent sold. Napier has also become a supporting partner of Leave No Trace, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation.

Built on the values of integrity, accountability, teamwork and commitment, Napier strives to provide the world’s best vehicle camping tents as well as world class customer service.