SnugPak Sleeping Bags

SnugPak Sleeping Bags

If you're sleeping out in the wilderness, nothing is more important than having a high-quality sleeping bag to protect you from the elements. SnugPak sleeping bags are made of top of the line material that withstands the harshest weather conditions. The SnugPack sleeping bag is lightweight yet comfortable and compliments SnugPak dome tents, which guard you from rain, snow and cold temperatures.  SnugPak's boonie hats are made out of the same insulation as the sleeping bags and will shield your head from the cold.

And remember, all of our SnugPak sleeping bags, like every product we sell, come with a 30-day 100% money-guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

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Recent Reviews - SnugPak Sleeping Bags

By Dikran M.
SnugPak Response Pack Coyote

The SnugPak Response Pack Coyote is a great carrying bag. It is practical, compact and, well designed .

By Vincent B.
SnugPak Snugpak The Bunker Tent

We needed a tent for the Everglades with protection from no see-ums & the potential heavy rains. This tent does both pulse the ventilation it tops. It's rugged frame and design held up to the winds also. I'm very satisfied-you get what you pay for.

By P S.
SnugPak Stamina 40 Rucksak, Black

A little smaller than I expected, but seems to be well made and light weight. Haven't had the opportunity to put it to use yet, but doubt I'll have any problem with it.

By Dbbwoods 3.
SnugPak Sleeper 2+ Two season sleeping bag (Olive)

I really like SnugPak gear, and have never had anything negative about them but.... the zipper on this bag busted on the first night out. the double pull "pulled" off just after i got into my hammock and went to close my bag. the good thing was even though the bag was not zipped, it did keep me warm, and nothing a needle and thread couldn't handle in by morning fire. So if a faulty zipper keeps you from buying something, then perhaps you shouldn't leave the house. But if you want a great bag then get a SnugPak.

Perfect compression sack for reducing the size of a small sleeping bag. Very happy with item and service.

By Mark P.
SnugPak Sleeper Extreme, Woodland Camo

Warm, comfortable.

It is a great bivvi bag and very compact. Got this to go with my SnugPak Sleeper Lite bag. Combined makes for a light weight compact great bag that will keep you warm in 20-30 degree temps. I would have given this five stars, but the whole sleep system is a little too snug for me. I'm not a very big person and I found it difficult to get comfortable in this bag system. Not necessarily the bivvi bags fault.

By Sam M.
SnugPak Special Forces 1 Olive Sleeping Bag

When I saw this sleeping bag, I found the holy grail of sleeping bags. I need to vent heat from my chest area, but I need to keep my arms covered at all times. This sleeping bag allows me to finally sleep comfortably throughout the night. It is also the first sleeping bag that I could cinch down the hood area without feeling trapped.

About SnugPak

SnugPak Sleeping Bags

Snugpak is the trading name of Brett Harris Ltd of West Yorkshire, England. Snugpak manufacture a wide range of quality sleeping bags as well as insulated mid layer clothing. The company employs 70 people and enjoys worldwide sales.

In 1976 a deep-sea diver and a secretary noticed the US trend for body warmers. They thought the fashion would catch on in the UK and they wanted to be ahead of the trend when it did. Bryony Harris, director of Snugpak taught husband Brett Harris company chairman to sew. Together they produced some experimental body warmers and jackets.

The couple both had full time jobs so every spare minute of their leisure time was spent making as many jackets as possible. With the help of outworkers a cottage industry was born. In those early days production stood at 15 jackets per week.

In 1977 the couple decided to invest what money they had into G & H Products Ltd (which later became Craghoppers) to gain more outdoor business experience. Two years later they made the decision to branch out on their own with Snugpak. Although still making jackets they realised that if the company was going to be a success they would need to manufacture products with year round appeal rather than the seasonal body warmer. Sleeping bags were the logical option.

In 1982 Snugpak leased modest premises in Silsden, installing a quilting machine which could follow patterns of jackets in all sizes as well as sleeping bags. Brett holding down a full time job as a medical sales rep spent every spare moment quilting enough fabric to keep their sole machinist busy for a week at a time.

By 1984 the company had grown and the number of machinists had risen to seven. By 1986 sales had grown so strong the company had to move to larger premises. The company moved down the road to a Grade II listed old woollen mill in Silsden, where they remain.

Brett knew that the way forward for the company was through innovation. Man made sleeping bags was traditionally bulky. He wanted to produce a cheaper man made equivalent to the down filled sleeping bags.

With the help of a Swiss company Neidhart, Brett created Softie wadding, a fibre which was exclusively produced by Neidhart for Snugpak. To compliment this lightweight fibre, Snugpak used lightweight Pertex fabric manufactured by Perseverence Mills of Lancashire, England. In 1987 Snugpak launched their first Softie 6 and 12 bags in the outdoor trade. Their two bags were the smallest synthetic bags in the market and sales rocketed. Today the Softie range consists of six different models all based on this initial idea but constantly upgraded as new technologies are incorporated to keep the bags at the cutting edge.

The latest innovation includes 'profiling', Snugpaks name for its 'No Stitch Through' construction technique which dramatically reduces the cold spots within sleeping bags.