Sleeping Pad Selection

Sleeping Pad Selection

A high quality sleeping pad will prevent rocks, sticks and other objects from poking you through your tent floor and keeping you up awake at night.  Many of the designs in our sleeping pad inventory are self-inflating, so you can forgo the tedious process of blowing up a sleeping pad manually.  A sleeping pad also provides insulation to keep you warm;  some of our foam models can sustain temperatures as low as -60 Fahrenheit without cracking.

Another virtue of the sleeping pad is its weight.  Most models are less than 2 pounds and can be easily transported on long trips.  Each sleeping pad we sell, like all our products, is backed with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Klymit Inertia XL Blk
$99.95 $119.95
Klymit Inertia X
$74.95 $99.95

Heavy duty protection from the ground and wetness, thorns etc. while providing it blends in well with the bushes so it's easy to cache. Probably will provide some flotation in a canoe. These pads will take much more abuse than those pretty colored ones you can buy at the yuppie outdoor sporting goods stores.

I bought two of these 1 small and 1 medium, the medium size fit perfectly between the wheel wells of my pick-up truck they are everything advertised to be inflating to a full 3 inches and are very comfortable. shop around cause they vary as much as 15% from site to site I would buy another one if the need arises. I like them

By Jon G.
ALPS Mountaineering Outfitter Series Air Pad, Regular

The ALPS Mountaineering pad appears to be well made and performs as described by the manufacturer. This pad inflates easily and is surprisingly easy to roll up to fit in the storage bag. I like the texture of the top surface as it limits slipping of the sleeping bag.

I am very pleased with this purchase. My son and I used these on a Scout camping trip and they performed as advertised. The pads inflated quickly and were quite comfortable. Additionally, the material on the bottom of the pad prevented them from sliding on the tent floor. The XL pad has a sort of built in pillow which added to the comfort.

By Dave G.
Columbia Transformation II Memory Foam

Our cots came with mattresses but weren't comfortable. The Columbia II pads made a big difference.

I used this air mattress on a motorcycle trip of the entire perimeter states of the U.S. Roughly 12,000 miles and 2mos. When camping this product was perfect for keeping me comfortable on all surfaces and I never could feel any rocks or sticks through the mattress. It is well constructed, very durable and non-slip, keeping it in place while moving around in my tent and I expect years of use to come. It comes with it's own stuff sack and roll bungees which kept it bundled perfectly even in winds of over 100mph. I am a 5'11" 210lb. man and found the long length of it perfect for both my sleeping bag and a pillow. I don't have a lot of experience using similar products other than foam, but will say that this is much better than straight foam. The firmness is easily adjusted with just a few breaths blown into the mattress after allowing it to self inflate with it's inner foam lining. I was very happy with this product and recommend it for those who would like a long lasting mattress that performs well.

It is most comfortable and lightest weight I have found. Anybody want to buy a well used Therma Rest?

The custom charges were unexpected. The quality of product is good, but over priced.