Screen Houses

Screen Houses

A screen house is a great camping tent for hot summer nights.  Constructed with mesh walls instead of solid canvas walls, a screen house provides greater air flow and a better view of your surroundings.  Whether you’re relaxing in a screen house beach cabana or having a picnic inside one of our extra large screen house models, you’ll enjoy being able to view the elements without having to combat them.

All our screen house models are available with rapid shipping.  Order today and you’ll have your tent in time for this weekend’s camping trip.

By Marilyn D.
Picnic Time Summerwinds Sun Shelter Red

While I love the concept of this shelter, it is the most difficult thing I have ever tried to pack. It pops up so nicely, but I cannot get the darn thing to close. I have read the instructions, watched the video, and screamed with frustration. This needs work.

It was a good value for the price. A little lighter than I would have liked; don't assemble without the tie-downs, as even a light breeze could move it. But it served its purpose and because of its lightness was easy to transport and fairly easy to set up.

By Erin M.
Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen 7.5 ft. Diameter

The screen was really well designed and even had a ring around the bottom you can fill with water so it doesn't blow around too much. Unfortunately, it's not very big so I could only use it on a very small outdoor umbrella.

By Andre C.
Eureka! Screen House

We succeed to stay outside in the camping without bugs and no seen bugs. Easy to install.

Love this tent!!!! Buy one every year so the kids can eat and play and have a place to dry off after the pool without the bugs getting at them. Takes 15 minutes to set up and is just great!! Only last for one season but the price is good.

We used this item at the beach on a very windy day and didn't blow away! We even didn't use the supplied stakes that came with the cabana. It was a perfect addition to the 10'x10' canopy. The cabana received lots of inquiring looks and finger pointing. We placed the three small grandchildren in it to shelter from wind and for naps. Good product.

We set this up at home before taking it to the mountains and I was wary that it was not going to work well. However, once I got to the mountains and had room to set it up I was very pleased with it's functionality. The bugs and mosquitoes were really bad and it did the job of keeping them out. I have two concerns, I'm not certain how long the mesh will hold up as it seems to snag easily and putting the poles through the casing at the bottom is difficult and takes some work as they kept getting stuck on the stake tabs. Also you will probably want to take a tarp for the floor as it does not have a floor in it.

I'm a face painter and I bought this to set up at parades and festivals. It works great! Its the right size for just myself and my gear. Fairly quick, a little tough at first, but you get the hang of it quickly. I would recommend this to anyone.

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