Screen Houses

Screen Houses

A screen house is a great camping tent for hot summer nights.  Constructed with mesh walls instead of solid canvas walls, a screen house provides greater air flow and a better view of your surroundings.  Whether you’re relaxing in a screen house beach cabana or having a picnic inside one of our extra large screen house models, you’ll enjoy being able to view the elements without having to combat them.

All our screen house models are available with rapid shipping.  Order today and you’ll have your tent in time for this weekend’s camping trip.

Eureka! Solar Shade - Medium
$107.99 $146.94
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By Erin M.
Outdoor Umbrella Table Screen 7.5 ft. Diameter

The screen was really well designed and even had a ring around the bottom you can fill with water so it doesn't blow around too much. Unfortunately, it's not very big so I could only use it on a very small outdoor umbrella.

By Susan E.
Massive 30' X 30' Party Shade/Screen House

This thing is awesome and massive as stated. I actually was able to put the thing up by myself with the help of a small ladder. I am only five feet tall. The only thing I am going to do different with it is transfer it to a rolling duffel for easier transport to and from the vehicle.

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