Fenix Outfitters Rechargeable Flashlight Selection

Fenix Outfitters Rechargeable Flashlight Selection
By John G.
Stone River Adjustable Focusing Rechargeable

great power in a smallpackage. Good for wife's purse

By Judith B.
Wind N Go Flashlight

We live in a rural area with many power outages, and I got tired of trying to keep fresh batteries in our flashlights. I bought some windup lanterns, plus these cute little windup flashlights, which we keep by the bed. Exceedingly nifty, we find.

By Kim H.
Wind N Go Flashlight

I was pleasantly surprised at how easily this product works. I purchased it because we are often left in the dark during storms and now we don't have to worry about batteries and such. It is easy to wind and the light is very bright. Just what we needed.

By Donette W.
Garrity KE200GST06N LED Rechargeable Flashlight

I'm very happy with this emergency light. My in-laws have been using them for a while, and told me about them. They have been very satisfied with them!

By Darrel B.
Garrity Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlight

I think the flashlight is tops. The convenience of having it plugged in and ready whenever needed is the best idea ever. And I always know exactly where it is when needed quickly. Also having a replaceable battery is another great feature that I like. I bought it to replace another Garrity Rechargeable Power Failure flashlight which suddenly after many years of great service would not light when I removed it from the wall plug. And it did not have a replaceable battery.

By Simon H.
Garrity Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlight

I purchased two of the these flashlights as we live in an area that suffers from occasional (but lengthy) power outages. So far we have had none so I cannot commend on how long they stay charged; but I have used the flashlights for various normal jobs and they work great. I am only giving 4 out of 5 because I haven't tested them fully but have no complaints thus far.

By Bobby G S.
Garrity Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlight

This is a good flashlight. It is not as big as the one I replaced it with and it is easy to find when the lights go out.

By Lillian C.
Allton Emergency 4 in 1 Wind-Up Flashlight, Yellow Body

This is a great product. Extremely useful, and I especially like the cell phone charger, which most of the similar emergency devices do not include.