Portable Water Purification

Portable Water Purification
Katadyn Combi Microfilter
$211.99 $219.95
Katadyn Trk Drip Gravidyn
$279.99 $294.95
$18.99 $24.12

Our inventory of portable water purification products features a wide range of devices to make untreated water safe. Used by recreational enthusiasts who want to travel without bringing water with them, portable water purification systems allow the user to obtain water from rivers and lakes.  These devices strip out bacteria and remove harmful chemicals, providing clean water and peace of mind.

We also carry portable water purification tablets, which can be added to water to cleanse it of unwanted chemicals.  Have questions about our water purification products?  Call or email our friendly customer service staff and they’ll be happy to assist you with the product information you need.

Good and fantastic product good service delivery as promised very good job will buy more of such products thank you.

One of the best filters on the market. Easy to operate and easy to replace the filter.

This is my first water filter; I bought it just for emergency use. I tried it on some water in our local ditch that pooled up after a hard rain. It seemed to work fine; the water was clear and tasted ok.

By Jim C.
WPC Brands - Potable Aqua with P.A. Plus (50)

This is a good product and will do what my needs require.

By Mike H.
WPC Brands - Potable Aqua with P.A. Plus (50)

When we got lost in the Andes, thanks to our guide, my mates ran out of water. But luckily we found a stream, filled up the bottles and 30 minutes later had clean tasty water. The other people's pills took like 2 hours. So they all used mine!