Portable Heaters

Portable Heaters

There is nothing worse than freezing on a camping trip, which is why we offer an impressive array of portable heaters to keep you warm.  Many of our portable heaters double as propane camping stoves, so you can warm yourself up and then cook some grub. We also carry a number of butane heaters, which are known for their electronic ignition, high performance and compact design.

Are your hands too cold to take down the tent?  Then snag one of our hand warmers, which can generate heat up to 250º F in seconds.  Not sure which one of our portable heaters is right for you?  Call or email our friendly customer service staff and they’ll be happy to help you find a product that fits your needs.

By Noll S.
Zippo Hand Warmer with 4 Ounces of Lighter Fluid

The Zippo Handy Warmer pretty much has you covered when it comes to staying warm. No matter how many layers of fancy outdoors-ish clothes you have on, if there is nothing under them making heat (you, Handy Warmer, etc.) you arn't going to be warm.

By David A.
Zippo Hand Warmer with 4 Ounces of Lighter Fluid

This thing works great! I was actually amazed at how little fuel it takes for it to run for 6 hours (or 12 hours if you fill it). It is nice and warm, no smell, no flame, and comes with a nice soft bag to carry it in!

By Daniel F.
Coleman Cool Zephyr Window Fan

We purchased two fans to cool two dog crates at shows when the van is not running its own cooling system. It is more powerful than the "crate fans" sold for that purpose. We also use the magnetic holder to suspend the fan inside a spectator awning/tent. It keeps it up and out of the way.

By Michael S.
Zippo Hand Warmer with 4 Ounces of Lighter Fluid

This hand warmer does a very good job. It is solidly built and lasts a very long time. I give it 3 stars due to what I consider three design flaws. First, it must be kept in a provided pouch or it WILL burn you. Second, You need an additional lighter to activate the warmer. I would prefer an integrated system. Finally, you cannot deactivate the warmer without somehow prying off the top. This is awkward at best. I have no experience with the competition for this device, but to me these are issues that keep me from using it more frequently.

By Greg R.
Zippo Hand Warmer with 4 Ounces of Lighter Fluid

It does just what it said it would and gets warm and keeps my hands warm. I would suggest one for each pocket in extreme cold. My fingers are ever happier!

By Raul N.
DeLonghi SafeHeat Oil-Filled Radiating Heater

I was literally freezing my butt off in my room, but since I bought this heater I have a comfortable warm nice sleep.

By Barb M.
EZ Heat Reusable Hand Warmer

The EZ Reusable Hand Warmers are just that, easy to use and also easy to reset. I'd buy this product from your site again. My son has used them several times already. I like that we aren't adding to the landfill as we would with a one time use hand warmer.

By Daniel P.
Zippo Hand Warmer with 4 Ounces of Lighter Fluid

It works well and keeps your hands warm.