Outdoor Survival Guide Selection

Outdoor Survival Guide Selection

An outdoor survival guide is a useful resource for a variety of scenarios in your camping experience. Whether you need to know how to start a fire or repel a bear, an outdoor survival guide has the answer.  Our huge outdoor survival guide collection features a number of titles, from hunting manuals to survival skills.   Camping questions such as: first aid, back country safety, hiking clothes and conditioning and health are all topics that are covered.

All the products in our outdoor survival guide collection are offered at affordable prices, ensuring that you can get the camping information you need without breaking the bank.

Who doesn't like "IKE"??!! HIgh quality DVD. Excellent companion to IKE's books. Live next to the California Delta. Can't wait to try IKE's techniques.

I got this very quickly after ordering it. It has LOTS of helpful info. I hope I get to use it soon! :)

Best price I could find and great set of videos-very informative.

By Dj W.
Bardin & Marsee NIV Waterproof Bible Pink/Brown Floral

My girlfriend is pleased with her new bible and the fact that it is so durable. Service was excellent, delivery was prompt.

By Bill D.
Stoney-Wolf Street Smart Bucks/ High Noon Bucks DVD

High Noon Bucks is yet another highly educational and entertaining video by the Barry Wensel, Rick Blase, and company. Even though some of the sponsors and equipment may now be out of date, the hunting tactics and action will always be current. Street Smart Bucks, while not quite as entertaining, was certainly educational, and a good video for the hunter who finds himself or herself hunting urban areas.

By Bill D.
Stoney-Wolf Master of the Black Bears/Sure Fire Bear DVD

I really enjoyed Master of the Black Bears, it was both informative, and entertaining. A definite must see for the beginner bear hunter. Sure Fire Bear was more of an instructional video, and didn't come across nearly as entertaining as MotBB. My advice, watch Sure Fire Bear first.

The DVD was exactly as described and arrive quickly!