Trangia Outdoor Cooker Selection

Trangia Outdoor Cooker Selection
By Keith S.
Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Propane Cooker - Double Jet Burner 18" wide, 30 psi

I have a little trouble with the regulator but other than that it works great.the regulator has something wrong internally. it has cut my cooking time in half. My old single jet burner would take 1 hour to cook a pot of boiled seafood. now in 30 minutes I can have the seafood from ice chest to the table. I plan to replace the cheap regulator with my old regulator that is of a better quality.

Very pleased with the item, seems to work well and as advertised.

The regulator and hose did not work when we tried using the burner to steam crabs. I called Shopping Warehouse and they called the manufacturer who shipped a new one out right away and everything worked fine! We were very happy with the outstanding customer service, and are very happy with our new stainless steel propane burner.

I did a jambalaya back to back last weekend in this pot and it did the job like I expected. Doesn't get any better than Bayou Classic cookware.

This was a good buy; the only thing I didn't much like was how the propane line screwed into the burners. Screws were blocked by the adjustment screw assembly.

Very stable, large cooking area that should suit just about any purpose. I use it for seafood boils, heats quickly without using a lot of propane.

Bought it for my son who is a micro-brewers. He says it's great!

Not as powerful as I expected. To get the flame nice and hot it takes a lot of playing with the air vent and the gas valve.