Outdoor Cooker Selection

Outdoor Cooker Selection

In our outdoor cooker collection, you’ll find everything you need to cook up a feast on your next camping trip.  We offer gas cookers, stainless steel stockpots, fish cookers and more.  Want to turn your stock pot into a turkey fryer?  Then pick up our turkey fryer accessory kit, which will give you the tools to cook up the most sumptuous bird on the block.  And if you’re craving a little Cajun cuisine, then make sure to check out our seven-gallon cast-iron jambalaya pot.

All our outdoor cooker products come with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Hot Plate - Single Burner-Gas
$66.49 $89.50
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Camp Chef 20 Quart Hot Pot
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Bayou Classic 122 Quart Stockpot wtih Lid
$234.99 $279.00
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Bayou Classic 30 PSI Banjo Cooker
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Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Bayou Fryer
$319.99 $350.00
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Bayou Classic KAB6 Bayou Cooker
$119.99 $129.00
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Primus Classic Trail Stove
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I have a little trouble with the regulator but other than that it works great.the regulator has something wrong internally. it has cut my cooking time in half. My old single jet burner would take 1 hour to cook a pot of boiled seafood. now in 30 minutes I can have the seafood from ice chest to the table. I plan to replace the cheap regulator with my old regulator that is of a better quality.

The regulator and hose did not work when we tried using the burner to steam crabs. I called Shopping Warehouse and they called the manufacturer who shipped a new one out right away and everything worked fine! We were very happy with the outstanding customer service, and are very happy with our new stainless steel propane burner.

This was a good buy; the only thing I didn't much like was how the propane line screwed into the burners. Screws were blocked by the adjustment screw assembly.

Very stable, large cooking area that should suit just about any purpose. I use it for seafood boils, heats quickly without using a lot of propane.

Bought it for my son who is a micro-brewers. He says it's great!

Not as powerful as I expected. To get the flame nice and hot it takes a lot of playing with the air vent and the gas valve.

I bought this product at that time because I had a party coming up and needed something to fry a lot of drumettes and wanted to avoid the problem of the burning flour and having to change oil in the middle of frying. I must say I am satisfied with how if performed. Regulating the temperature takes a little bit of effort at first but it was solved after a while. Clean up was a bit of a problem because the tubes are so close to the bottom of the tank it was difficult getting the waste flour out of the tank. If you have a solution for this please share.

Although I have only used this item in a limited capacity so far, it has performed admirably. The large capacity pot is perfect for home brewing, which is my primary use for the item, and seems to retain heat well (unusual for such a large pot). Previously, I purchased a cheaper stock pot and was amazed and disappointed when the electric burner from my stove burned a hole right through the bottom the first time I used it. I could tell immediately that this product was far superior in construction and quality. I would definitely recommend this product for the home brewer and heavy-duty cook as well.