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By Barrett A.
Open Country Weekender 6 Person Cook Set

Solid cook set made of durable materials that is accompanied by a large assortment of items. The low price relative to comparable sets offered on other sites really gives you the most bang for your buck! And no, I do not work for this website.

By Roger B.
Open Country 12 Cup Perk Aluminum Percolator

This is a traditional aluminum camp coffee pot. The handle is the perfect length and the balance is very good. I really like this coffee pot. For starters, it's hard to find a non-enameled coffee pot. Pots with enamel can chip and add little enamel goodies into the pot - no danger of that with this percolator. The metal is light and quite sturdy. The metal develops a nice patina over the campfire that shows it's a "real" camp item, not just something you purchased to stave-off the cravings for StarBuck's. You'll need to know how to use a percolator, of course. Make sure you use a course coffee grind instead of the finer coffee maker grind or you'll need to improvise and put in a filter. It's a great value. I bought two pots since the size, while generous, could be downed by myself and my coffee-guzzling bride in our own morning routine, so I bought another one to donate to the scouts when we go camping - no point in being the only adults who are awake, right? This is a good value, and a difficult item to find. Recommended. You might also buy a manual bean grinder and really go "cowboy" next time you camp!

By Harold T.
Open Country Pot Gripper

Very lightweight, but extremely strong and stable. Does an excellent job of clamping on and moving hot pots on an alcohol stove or wood fire!