Sheltered Wings Monoculars

Sheltered Wings Monoculars

a little hard to position to see out of and to focus. I'll stick to small binocs.

By Gerald M.
Brunton Lite-Tech 8X22 Waterproof Monocular

The monocular works well and is easy to use, except you have to have a steady hand to keep a distant object in view.

By Jim C.
Famous Trails FT1200 Night Eyes Night Vision Monocular

Outstanding product that is very useful!

By Bev L.
Alpen 10x32 Green Rubber Covered Monocular with Nylon Case

This is a great product! It is quality for a reasonable price.

By Rachel B.
Vanguard DM-8250 Zoom Monocular (367-ft Field Of View)

It was given as a Christmas present and is really liked. The reason for purchasing is that the person remembered their grandmother having one and always thought it would be neat to have one of their own.

By Tom B.
Tasco 10x25mm Ultra-Compact Monocular

This is an excellent monocular. It seems to be very well made,and the optics are clear and sharp.