Dorcy International Mini Flashlight Selection

Dorcy International Mini Flashlight Selection
By Dikran M.
Streamlight MicroStream Key Chain Light - Black

The Streamlight MicroStream Key Chain Light-Black is good quality and a handy flashlight.

By Dikran M.
Streamlight Key Mate White LED Titanium Flashlight

The Stream light Key Mate White LED Titanium flashlight is a useful,handy tool that has bright illumination.It is Good Quality and worth the price.

By Edward E.
Photon Freedom Micro, Infrared LED

This is a fairly decent infrared light for the price. Don't be fooled by the fact that you can't see it. If you run a video camera, you'll see that the LED's light up quite nicely. The LED comes with a clip to make it hands-free as well as a key ring for carrying it wherever you go. I have yet to try all the beacon modes, but it's nice to know that they are available if needed.

By Ihab E.
Photon Rechargeable X Micro Light, 4 White LEDs, Keychain

This is very bright and the recharge works well. All in all a thumbs up!

By Jo H.
Underwater Kenetics 2L Lithium Flashlight, Black

This is a very good product; easy to store and take places.

By Lenny E.
Gerber Sonic Keychain Task Light, White LED, Black Body

This is a great piece of equipment: sturdy, reliable and good looking.

By Seth B.
Photon - Micro-Light II Locking on/off switch White Beam

This knife is small, compact and built extremely tough. This Micro-Light has got some serious power to it and lights up a generous area very well. The on-off switch is very handy if you ever find yourself needing both hands. It is well rated in extreme temperatures and has a long battery life making it a no brainer to me. I bought several and put them wherever I think I will need one.

By Alan T.
Gerber O-4 High Beam Metal Keychain Light, Silver Body, White LED

It is a great, bright, little LED key chain.