Mini Flashlight Selection

Mini Flashlight Selection

A mini flashlight is not only lightweight and convenient, but packs enough punch to illuminate any campsite.  These convenient camping accessories come in a variety of styles and designs, with stainless steel finishes, LED bulbs and push button strobes.

Some of the most popular items in our mini flashlight collection are our keychain flashlights, which are great for getting you safely from the car to the house when your hands are full. Other mini flashlights clip easily to belt loops or keys for maximum convenience.

All the items in our mini flashlight collection are offered at affordable prices, ensuring that you can update your camping gear without breaking the bank

By Dikran M.
Streamlight MicroStream Key Chain Light - Black

The Streamlight MicroStream Key Chain Light-Black is good quality and a handy flashlight.

By Dikran M.
Streamlight Key Mate White LED Titanium Flashlight

The Stream light Key Mate White LED Titanium flashlight is a useful,handy tool that has bright illumination.It is Good Quality and worth the price.

By Edward E.
Photon Freedom Micro, Infrared LED

This is a fairly decent infrared light for the price. Don't be fooled by the fact that you can't see it. If you run a video camera, you'll see that the LED's light up quite nicely. The LED comes with a clip to make it hands-free as well as a key ring for carrying it wherever you go. I have yet to try all the beacon modes, but it's nice to know that they are available if needed.

By Ihab E.
Photon Rechargeable X Micro Light, 4 White LEDs, Keychain

This is very bright and the recharge works well. All in all a thumbs up!

By Jo H.
Underwater Kenetics 2L Lithium Flashlight, Black

This is a very good product; easy to store and take places.

By Lenny E.
Gerber Sonic Keychain Task Light, White LED, Black Body

This is a great piece of equipment: sturdy, reliable and good looking.

By Seth B.
Photon - Micro-Light II Locking on/off switch White Beam

This knife is small, compact and built extremely tough. This Micro-Light has got some serious power to it and lights up a generous area very well. The on-off switch is very handy if you ever find yourself needing both hands. It is well rated in extreme temperatures and has a long battery life making it a no brainer to me. I bought several and put them wherever I think I will need one.

By Alan T.
Gerber O-4 High Beam Metal Keychain Light, Silver Body, White LED

It is a great, bright, little LED key chain.