Marine Cooler Collection

Marine Cooler Collection

If you’re headed out onto the water with a boat full of thirsty mariners, you’ll need to have a marine cooler stocked with cold beverages.   Our marine cooler collection offers a wide range of products, with features like foam insulation, drain plugs, child-safety latches and sizes up to 128 quarts.  Looking for a beverage cooler burly enough to quench your group’s thirst?  Our 10-gallon beverage cooler comes with a spigot and cup holder, so the only thing you’ll need to provide is the beverage of your choice.

Not sure what marine cooler is right for you?  Call or email our friendly customer service staff and they’ll be happy to help you find the product that fits your needs.

Bayou Classic 65 Liter Cooler - White
$324.99 $349.00
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Coleman 150 Qt. Marine Cooler, White
$134.99 $186.04
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Coleman 100 Qt Extreme Cooler - Marine
$106.49 $144.48
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It keeps ice but the trade off in 'Bulkiness' is questionable Its Heavy, but I knew it would be.

By B K.
Igloo Sportsmen Cooler 100

Very nice especially like the built in small lid that's on top of the main lid. Seems to keep ice longer than my older one.

By Eric W.
Down Under USA 55 Quart Tropical Cooler

The cooler is built well. I don't like the rubber latches. I needed the size offered to fit into my spot. Having a better lid seal would also be my choice. Overall it works well.

By Ed B.
Down Under USA 86 Quart Tropical Cooler

If you are tired of the ice chest merry go round, this one is for you! Add ice, fill with ???, go out in 100 degree + heat for 5 to 6 days without worry . I bought one 5 years back still looks and acts like new Highly Recommend !!!!!

By Mommy R.
Igloo - Marine Cooler 48 Quart Marine White

It is great to find a cooler this size with a drain plug. It kept our food cold on a camping trip similar to other good coolers we've had, and fits perfectly under our pick-up truck's tonneau cover so we don't have to open up the whole cover just to access drinks for the kids. The bottom of this particular cooler is not perfectly flat, so when it sits empty on a hard surface it rocks back and forth a bit.

By Frank C.
Down Under USA 39 Quart Marine Tropical Cooler

it is well worth the money and works great!

By Hiro T.
Down Under USA 39 Quart Marine Tropical Cooler

This is a very good product. I like it so in the future I will try to order a bg size. It is a strong product. maururu-(bye and thks)

By Richard M.
Down Under USA 39 Quart Marine Tropical Cooler

I love the Down Under coolers. I purchased a second 39 quart size because it is a very practical size. They make a great single passenger seat in the boat and fit nicely in my pickup truck. The height is perfect too as the chest matches with most boat forward and aft decks. They are basically bullet proof.