From time immemorial, fire has always been the campers best friend.  Make sure you’re never without a flame by picking up a product or two from our collection of lighters.  Looking for a box of strike-anywhere matches?  How about some fire sticks?  We carry those products and more.

Our massive collection of Zippo lighters features designs from Harley Davidson to Playboy, all offered at some of the most affordable prices on the Internet.  And remember, all our lighters come with fast shipping, so you won’t be left in the dark about when your product will arrive.

My son turned 18 this past August 2017, I ordered this for him. He is a collector of Zippo lighters, so I ordered this as a Christmas gift. He absolutely loves it. He has it as his crown jewel of his collection.

By Robert B.
Windmill Lighters Delta Shockproof Lighter, Matte Black

This is a tough lighter if it is anything like the one I got in 2006. It still works like a champ even though the push button lid release no longer works because the lid catch doesn't "catch" the lid any longer but the wire bail is still attached and will still lock down the lid to keep it closed between uses. The fuel window is much smaller on My old model but I can still see the fuel level just fine and I really can't believe that this lighter is still Leak free after all these years and all those fill ups but it is. It's truly a standout among refillable butane lighters.

Product arrived in a timely manner and is in good condition.


By Ulf H.
Windmill Lighters JP Windproof Lighter, Shiny Aluminum

After a solid Google search I finally found a quality windproof lighter with a cool design and then a dealer who ship out worldwide in my case to Denmark. Easy to order and if it wasn't for the high Danish tax level I could have ordered a lot of nice goods at finally great handling /high level service and quick delivery of the lighter. Thanks for your high level of service

Already tried this out and it works perfectly.

Great tool.Works every time; unless your kindling is wet. In which case it is nobody's fault but your own. I even light my BBQ with it to impress City Folk.

For what it is, a small survival axe, I rate it very, very highly indeed. Despite it's deceptive size, it packs quite the punch. It has enough heft, sharpness, and cutting edge more in fact than I expected. It does the job intended well above my expectations.

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