LED Flashlight Collection

LED Flashlight Collection

An LED flashlight is powered by light-emitting diodes, a form of illumination that can significantly reduce battery use in flashlights. LED flashlight products not only last longer, but can also survive blows that often break conventional light bulbs.

We offer LED flashlight products in a number of styles and designs, from traveling alarm clocks to LED spotlights that double as counterfeit money detectors.  We also sell a number of tactical LED flashlights, designed for law enforcement, military or extreme outdoor situations.

All our LED flashlight products are available with rapid shipping, ensuring that you won’t have to wait long for you camping gear to arrive.

Sun Wildlight LED Light, T-rex
Out of Stock
Multi-Color LED Flashlight Realtree AP Camo
$38.99 $47.72
Out of Stock
Energizer Trim Flex Led
Out of Stock
Princeton Tec Impulse Blue Led
Out of Stock
Nite-ize BugLit, White LED
Out of Stock
Flashlight - 2D LED
Out of Stock

The Sreamlight Pro Tac Hl 3-Black 88047 LED flashlight is a very nice high quality flashlight that works great. I may buy another one of the same in the future.

It is a very good flashlight.

This is my second Dark Energy flashlight. They are the best, period. The others on the market that perform this well are 2 or 3 times the size. It will impress anyone who purchases one. The re-chargeable battery keeps me from having to buy expensive Lithiums to keep it full blast all the time.

This thing is a powerhouse. Best little light I've ever used

By John D.
Shake Light Magnetic Induction Flashlight - No Batteries or Li

The energy created by shaking the flash light has to be stored somewhere. The 2 batteries mentioned in the previous review are for storage. Otherwise, you would have to shake it while using it. Ours works great, awesome flashlight for young boyscout, or emergency kit.

By Paul T.
Humvee 40 Million Candle Power Spot Light, 110V

This is a great light. The main beam shines a long way, probably 1500ft or more. For smaller jobs it has LED lighting on the front that I have been using. In the rear there is two lights. One is a Red flashing light and another is a white light. These rear lights can be turned on or off by a switch. What I like about all the lights that if by chance a bulb burns out, I always have another light ready to switch on so I am not in the dark. Another neat feature of this light is it can be used to charge your car battery. Just plug the cord from the light into your cigar lighter and wait 10 minutes and your car should then start. Great for emergency. For charging this light, there are two ways to do so. One is a 110volt charging adapter that you plug into your wall outlet and then the light. The second way is to plug the light into your cigar lighter and the battery will charge. The battery does last a long time. I have used the light for long periods of time and battery was still good. I did charge it just to make sure I had a full charge for next needed. I keep this light on the back seat of my truck. I always get questions when people see the size of it as everyone is interested. This light is built heavy Duty. It is designed to do work. This is a great light that does it all.

By Dikran M.
MagLite XL50 3-Cell AAA LED Flashlight - Silver

Maglite XL50 3-cell AAA LED Flashlight-Silver is a very good tool. It looks nice and is highly functional.

By Dikran M.
Streamlight Key Mate White LED Titanium Flashlight

The Stream light Key Mate White LED Titanium flashlight is a useful,handy tool that has bright illumination.It is Good Quality and worth the price.

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