Wisconsin Pharmacal Insect Repellent

Wisconsin Pharmacal Insect Repellent

Works very well. We used to have bird poo all over our courtyard window ledges and on our paves. Since we applied the Bird-X, no more bird mess. Not sure how long it will last but so far so good!!!

By Clay C.
Malibu Mosquito Inhibitor Refills - 2 Pieces

Got exactly the product I ordered and received it 2 days earlier than the promised date.

We purchased this item to deter birds from building their nests under our awning. We tried several things to no avail. Since the first use of bird-x, we haven't seen another bird anywhere near the awning. Love this product!

This works like a charm. We had swallows building nests on the bricks above the front door. This product was easy to apply and the birds haven't been back.

Thanks! Very nice!

We went to Yellowstone at what must have been the peak of black fly season. I have short hair and they were feasting on my head. A hat didn't help because then they feasted on my neck. The only thing that worked 100% was a hat and the headnet. It may look strange, but it works! Could have used it in the Catskills a few months back for the mosquitos!

Very good!