SportsStuff Inflatable Boat Selection

SportsStuff Inflatable Boat Selection
Trek N Tube Water Lounge
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Sports Stuff Super Mable Towable
$334.99 $465.76
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SportsStuff Poparazzi
$449.99 $549.99
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Sportsstuff Great Big Mable
$395.99 $499.99
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SportsStuff Stunt Flyer
$158.99 $217.12
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Sportsstuff Big Mable
$264.99 $329.99
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Speed Zone 2 Water Boat
$299.99 $379.99
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Grandstand 2 Water Boat
$459.99 $579.95
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Sports Stuff Half-Pipe Series Rampage
$254.99 $319.99
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Super Crossover Multipurpose Tube
$119.99 $169.95
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Zip Ski Towable Tube
$67.99 $89.95
Out of Stock
Crazy 8 Double Water Boat
$136.99 $172.98
Out of Stock
Bat-X-Ray Towable Water Boat
$99.99 $127.99
Out of Stock
Chariot Warbird 2 Water Lounge
$364.99 $419.99
Out of Stock
Chariot Warbird 3 Water Lounge
$449.99 $499.95
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Grandstand 1 Water Boat
$299.99 $389.95
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By Mark A.
Noodler 1 One Person Noodle Lounge

My wife and I went on a cruise in November, and at one of the islands we visited, they had the 1 person Noodle Lounge. They were awesome!! very well made, and comfortable, with a drink holder! We bought 2 to use in our pool. Can't wait to use them this summer!

Very happy with this paddle, slices through the water just as a paddle should and breaks down into two parts which I can bungee to my rolled up inflatable canoe on the passenger seat of my motorcycle...vvvrrrrRRRooommmmm!

By Anthony P.
Excursion Boat Sets - 3 person

Overall, the boat is well made! However, one of the seat cushions began to leak during the very first use. Also, repair kit not included.

By Deborah M.
Excursion Boat Sets - 3 person

This boat is too small for 3 people. It is good for lake, rivers and having fun. Also good for getting in some good exercise. It is sturdy and holds 2 people and their gear easy.

This is a good product,good workmanship, and works great! The seat back is a bit low for me but fine for my wife. I don't like that auxiliary snaps are plastic, but the main snaps are metal.

By Stig S.
Excursion Boat Sets - 5 person

Hi. The only thing that stop me from giving it 5-star rating is that I didn't` find in your catalog a fitting for the outboard motor, so I now making that myself,for the rest absolute first class. Now it is 5 stars.

By Kristen F.
Coleman 2-Person Touring Kayak w/Paddles

I bought the kayak for my husband. He was thrilled and we immediately started setting it up. Although I was initially reluctant to ride in an inflatable kayak, I took the chance and joined my husband. We rode around the lake in our backyard and are looking forward to trying it out at a nearby park.

By Michael H.
Coleman 1 Person Sit on Top Deluxe Kayak

It arrived perfectly and on the correct date!