Ice Chests

Ice Chests

Our ice chest collection offers a wide variety of products with a distinct inclination toward style.  Our 1-Quart Legend Beverage Container, with a flip spout for sipping and pouring, is a great way to serve water, juice, or other concoctions at your next get-together.  Looking for a great way to transport your food and drink items to sporting events or the beach?  Check out our cooler totes, which come fully-insulated with a water resistant liner, padded carry-handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. 

And if you’re of the rugged persuasion, snag our new Safari Style Spots Cooler Bag, which has a cavernous storage pouch and is trimmed with real leather. Remember, every ice chest we sell, like all of our products, is  backed by a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

For one or two people travelling in a small car, this is the perfect size cooler. The main selling point for me was the basket handle and the fact that I could buy a tray that fits inside, to keep my food dry. There is another version of this cooler with moulded side handles, which makes no sense. You don't need two hands to lift a cooler of this size, even when fully loaded. The beauty of the single handle is that your other hand can open doors. As for the tray, I don't know why major retailers don't sell it, but you can find it on that site where you can bid on stuff. From my experience, the cooler will keep ice for 3 days, as long as you don't leave it directly in the sun.