GPS Systems

GPS Systems

GPS (global positioning system) is a navigational system involving satellites and computers that can determine the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth by computing the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver.

By Peter C.
Lowrance iFinder H20 C GPS

Send the extra 100 dollars and get the same unit packaged with the mapping software. Unit is only loaded with main highways and waterways. Software allows saving more detailed information and mapping features.

By David M.
Garmin 010-00656-10 Nuvi 200W Personal Travel Assistant

This is an awesome GPS that functions like the more expensive models. It is simple to use and I consider myself "technologically challenged". I navigated to my daughters new home in Dallas without a hitch. It even has the ability to quickly find rest areas for those times when mother nature unexpectedly calls.

By David M.
Garmin 010-00656-10 Nuvi 200W Personal Travel Assistant

We love the Personal Travel Assistant we purchased! It was very helpful in several trips we have taken in areas we were not familiar. We especially liked the 'Favorites' feature. Locating rest areas was also very convenient and provided the assistance we needed.

By Bob D.
Garmin Zumo 550 Motorcycle Navigator

Just what I wanted and needed!

By Gaetan F.
Cobra GPSM 2750 NavOne 2750 Portable Mobile Navigation System

It is very nice.

By Roger M.
Delphi NA20000-11B1 Nav200 Portable Navigation Radio

The small size, simple design, and bright clear menus make the Nav200 easy to use. I like that you can also play mp3 files so it's a combo navigation/entertainment gadget. One less thing I have to lug around in my backpack, right?

By Marc C.
Garmin 010-00401-00 Streetpilot C320 GPS Reciever

I purchased the Street pilot for my new stepmother, who moved to Baton Rouge and was unfamiliar with the area. She has totally relied on the unit to assist her in finding her way. She absolutely loves it, and does not leave home without it! Software system is very easy to use and operations are simple via the touchscreen.

By Ron M.
Lowrance GlobalMap Baja 480C GPS Receiver

Lowrance GPS automotive systems appear to me to be marine type units marketed to the automotive market. Upside is bright,large, easy to read screen in a water resistant, shock resistant box. Downside is large heavy-duty wiring and wiring connections that are difficult to mount, manage and hide in a car or truck. Operationally, Baja 480 has quick satellite acquisition and fast screen refreshs. Accurate positioning. Base map info is marginal. To get full detail one must purchase the optional Freedom Maps multi-media cards. Bottom line: Great for boats, OK for cars, needs to provide better mapping support.