gigatent Tents

gigatent Tents

Gigatent tents and outdoor gear has all the top-notch camping equipment you need to increase the comfort and excitement of your camping adventures. Check out our adjustable Gigatent camping chairs , Gigatent dome tents, which provide extra layers of protection, and  Gigatent sleeping bags, which are suitable for every weather condition.  Our collection of Gigatent tents and outdoor gear also features equipment for camping entertainment, like Gigatent playhouses and Gigatent outdoor toys.

Don't forget, all of our Gigatent tents and outdoor gear, like every product we sell, comes with a 30-day 100% money-guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

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Awesome little tent! I used it to show my scouts how to put up one before we put up real ones.

By Josefina T.
Gigatent Cooper 1 Dome Backpacking Tent

Love it thanks!

By Kathleen D.
Gigatent Mt. Springer 2-Room Cabin Tent

It was exactly what I wanted. Fantastic!

I had this tent for 4 years now and it is really easy to set up. I always get to our favorite campsite first and can set this one up all by myself so its up when my hubby gets there. I love the fact you can stand up in it and it is very roomy and well ventilated.

By Rosemary H.
Gigatent Green Camping Chair with Footrest

I for one like this chair very much and its the perfect item to have while relaxing and taking photos, or just taking in the Sun.

By Therese S.
Gigatent Fantasy Palace Play Tent

The tent was delivered inside of a week and was a huge hit! We are very impressed with the interior size. Ample space when set up in the basement. Can't wait to set it up outside! Very nice product.

Love it! Bought to use as a marketing piece for my table display at camp fairs. Easy set up, vibrant colors, everyone thinks it's so adorable!

By Linda S.
Gigatent Carter MT. Large 20 x 10 Cabin/Family Tent with 3 Rooms, Sleeps 8-10

Love the tent. Size is great and very easy to set up. The rooms are large enough for two blow up beds (queen & double) each. The kids slept on the outside "rooms" and kept the middle one for the living area! Only problem was we had a storm one night and the poles in one corner fell which let a little water into the tent. But the rest of the tent stayed up so we were quite happy!! GREAT product!

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gigatent Tents

Why should I buy a Gigatent?


We use materials that are heavier coated than most manufacturers. The coating on fabrics is measured in millimeters. This measurement refers to the height of a column of water that the fabric will support without it coming through. Most of our competitors use a 450mm to 600mm coating on their tents and rain flys. Our tents use a 1200mm to 800mm coating on our rain flys, because the force generated by a storm is greatest on the rain fly. We use an 800mm to 600mm coating on our tent bodies where the force is less direct and weaker. The thinner the coating the less pressure needed to push water through.


The door zipper design used most in our tents is known as a Twin Track zipper. This means that there are 2 zippers for the door, a horizontal zipper and a slightly curving vertical zipper. The Twin Track design minimizes the curve to the vertical zipper which can cause the zipper to fail sooner than a straight one, it also allows for a larger and easier to enter doorway. The zippers we use for our doors are larger in size than most other manufacturers. We use only nickel plated zipper sliders on our tents which slide easier and last longer.


Our family tents are specifically designed to give the user the most interior volume possible. By using a combination of steel and fiberglass poles we have combined the straight walls of the cabin tent with the free standing nature of the dome tent to give the camper the best of both tent designs. The free standing nature of most of out family tents makes them easier to position in a campsite and requires less staking which means less time during set up. Our Combo Room allows for more versatility in one tent. The camper can now own a screen house and a tent in one package. The Combo Room also allows the owner to store wet gear in the Combo Room without endangering the sleeping area. The Combo Room will also accept the extra campers that won’t fit in the rear room. Our backpacking tents are designed to provide the maximum amount of living space without weighting too much. We use pin and ring attachments for our poles which are easy to replace should one require it.


We use 19mm steel poles for most of our large family tents. The poles are cable corded together instead of chain corded to reduce the possibility of breakage. We use larger diameter poles and shockcord in most of our products than our competition uses. Our backpacking models use a 7000 series aircraft aluminum which resists cold and cracking unlike fiberglass. Aluminum poles are also lighter than fiberglass poles.