Johnson & Johnson First Aid Bag Selection

Johnson & Johnson First Aid Bag Selection
J & J On The Go First Aid Kit
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By Tina L.

Everywhere on the internet these expire 11/2016 and it's no longer sold in stores. THE STUFF ROCKS!!! But I think you should advertise the expiration date of your particular product. Please advise.

Its a great over all trauma kit!!!! I like the fact that it is a backpack and I can take it anywhere. I am an EMT and I use for my standby jobs. I also take it out camping with me. Just in case. I have bought a few extra things for it, but that is just me, it really has what you need in case of an emergency.

Well packaged kit with quality items.

I was pleased to see that this kit was well stocked with all kinds of useful gear . Great for grab and go on the job site or at home . I would recommend it as a start to building a med kit that any EMT or Paramedic would find useful to have on hand .

This is the perfect bag to base your jump kit out of if you really like to travel light. It came with a great base supply of gear. And totally worth all I paid for it. I have invested another 40 buck in more gear to put in it and now its perfect for me a WFR.

This is an excellent medic bag with everything expected in a bag of this size. As a physician, I just added some prescriptions, epi pens, suture materials and I have a perfectly capable set of supplies for excursions. Its construction seems sturdy and it's quite compact. I definitely recommend this bag!

I keep it in my car. It is one of the best I have seen. It has it all and I thank God I have not had to use it. But if I needed it, " it would save lives"!