First Aid Bag Selection

First Aid Bag Selection

The key to a successful camping excursion is preparation, which is why you should never depart for a trip without a first aid bag. From bandages to bite kits, aspirins to eye pads and everything in between, a first aid bag is an important tool for ameliorating unexpected injuries. 

Our full-service first aid bags offer a large assortment of medical items.  We also carry more specialized products, like dental kits, aloe and anti-bacterial soap.  Every first aid bag we sell comes with rapid shipping, ensuring that you won't have to wait long for your product to arrive.

Kt Tape Pro-Synth Pre-Cut - Black
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Kt Tape Pro-Synth Pre-Cut - Green
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Burnfree Emergency Burn Kit
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By Tina L.

Everywhere on the internet these expire 11/2016 and it's no longer sold in stores. THE STUFF ROCKS!!! But I think you should advertise the expiration date of your particular product. Please advise.

By John S.
Red Rock Gear Soldier Individual First Aid Kit, Coyote

First aid kit was inexpensive and is a good size for throwing into the backpack. There is also room enough to add more items, not a full complement first aid kit but sufficient for an overnight or two trip.

By Don B.
Elite M-3 GI Style Medic Bag - ACU

Great bag, built well and contains everything I need. Only item I am buying separately is the granular blood stop. I went with 4 stars as after a long walk through the thicket it would occasionally slip out of the top cover. I have resolved this by having my wife sew Velcro straps on the inside of the side edges. Would give it a 4 1\2 rating if you had that option. I use this for hunting trips and would recommend this to anyone looking for a little more then basic first aid kit. Going to purchase one for a hunting buddy who has a birthday coming up.

By Chris M.
Elite Tactical Trauma Kit #3 - Olive Drab Green

The bag itself and the materials it contains are decent quality, certainly durable enough and equipped enough to handle a range of life threatening situations. The one complaint I have is the plastic used to hold and adjust the shoulder straps as well as everywhere else on the bag is extremely cheap and brittle. I've already busted one of the plastic pieces that hold on the shoulder strap, and I was only adjusting it. Not to worry however, there are plenty of companies that supply metal ones that can be put on in place without having to disassemble the bags stitching. I do suggest replacing all of the hard plastic pieces as soon as you have the bag in hand. I also suggest going through your bag as soon as you need it and putting everything where you want it. The way it's set up when you first get the kit makes it impossible to access or even find anything really!

Its a great over all trauma kit!!!! I like the fact that it is a backpack and I can take it anywhere. I am an EMT and I use for my standby jobs. I also take it out camping with me. Just in case. I have bought a few extra things for it, but that is just me, it really has what you need in case of an emergency.

Well packaged kit with quality items.

I was pleased to see that this kit was well stocked with all kinds of useful gear . Great for grab and go on the job site or at home . I would recommend it as a start to building a med kit that any EMT or Paramedic would find useful to have on hand .