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I first bought this model about 10 years ago in South Carolina and it has served me well. It was wearing out so I replaced it with the exact same model and it is wonderful to use and the results are excellent.

The axe has great balance for throwing, but the handle leaves something to be desired. I made one and retro-fitted it to the head.

Top heavy with a firm grip.

I purchased this item for my mother and decided to include one for myself. I sharpened most of my mother's knives and the sharpener worked very well. I also was pleased when I sharpened my own knoves.

This sharpener was easy to learn to use and did a great job on my wife's very dull knives. This one beats all the others I've tried over the years. Short of learning to manually sharpen with whet stones this product seems to be the best alternative.

Seems too small at first. Just swivel the lower point of the axe head into its pocket, then use some muscle to get it snapped the first time. It will gradually loosen, if you leave it snapped on.

When I received the sharpener, I immediately used it on my set of Chicago Cutlery. My knives are 90% sharper than they were.

Altough not the greatest wood chopping axe, this is the most awesome all around bush/camping/hunting tool I have ever owned; It replaced my Gerber ASEK II (excellent survival blade, but not super for hunting even tough I have thinned the angle on the blade) in most of my outdoor activities. the belt sheath is really well made and will no doubt pass the test of time. Using an axe as a primary bush tool proved to be efficient and reliable for my outdoor needs, but I got to admit it has to be backed up by a smaller knife, like a caping knife, for the delicate tasks one encounters in the everydays camping chores, like food preparation and small games gutting and cleaning. I will finish by saying this tool is trusty, solid, realy well made and lived up to my expectations at this point.