Elite First Aid Supplies

Elite First Aid Supplies

If you're injured in the wild, medical assistance could be hours away. That's why Elite First Aid supplies offer an assortment of portable medical supplies to carry with you on your camping trips. Elite has first aid bags that contain materials such as bandage strips, pain relievers, alcohol wipes, instant ice packs and more. These bags also fold out into three different shapes to ensure quick and easy access to all your medical supplies.

Don't forget, all of our Elite First Aid supplies, like every product we sell, come with a 30-day 100% money-guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

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Its a great over all trauma kit!!!! I like the fact that it is a backpack and I can take it anywhere. I am an EMT and I use for my standby jobs. I also take it out camping with me. Just in case. I have bought a few extra things for it, but that is just me, it really has what you need in case of an emergency.

Well packaged kit with quality items.

I was pleased to see that this kit was well stocked with all kinds of useful gear . Great for grab and go on the job site or at home . I would recommend it as a start to building a med kit that any EMT or Paramedic would find useful to have on hand .

This is the perfect bag to base your jump kit out of if you really like to travel light. It came with a great base supply of gear. And totally worth all I paid for it. I have invested another 40 buck in more gear to put in it and now its perfect for me a WFR.

This is an excellent medic bag with everything expected in a bag of this size. As a physician, I just added some prescriptions, epi pens, suture materials and I have a perfectly capable set of supplies for excursions. Its construction seems sturdy and it's quite compact. I definitely recommend this bag!

I keep it in my car. It is one of the best I have seen. It has it all and I thank God I have not had to use it. But if I needed it, " it would save lives"!

This is an excellent medical kit at a fair price. It has just about all you need to provide first aid care in a handy, rugged tactical-style tote. I highly recommend this kit!

I bought it as a gift for my brother, an EMT and army reserve medic. He bragged on the quality and the contents.

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Elite First Aid Supplies

It is our mission to develop and manufacture high quality products that will ensure the safety and health of anyone who might find him/her self in the midst of harm or danger.