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Recent Reviews - Dandy Saw

By Jessica A.

Without doubt, the BEST handsaw I have ever owned! Have worn out six "store bought" handsaws this past year, cutting small diameter firewood, but this Dandy saw cuts much better and faster than any of the big name brands I have tried. Will keep this one sharpened, and order a new one when needed. Thanks for a great tool to add to my tool box.

The saw works as advertised. This is a nice piece of gear to add to your kit? I was able to cut a 6 inch thick piece of tree limb with ease. I will never replace this saw with another. If you're looking for a solid built product that will last for years, then look no further. Best saw on the market.

Purchased for my husband for Christmas. He has a Dandy 26" for the past 20 years and loved it, He loves this short version too. Great blade cuts good.

Best hand saw ever. I have been though many different saws, this is by far the best I have ever used. I am ordering the 18" to carry on the UTV...

I've had the 12" Dandy saw for years now. I love that thing! It is tough as nails and cuts wood and bone very well. Best hunting/camping saw out there!

Bought this saw for wilderness camping. It is a wonderful tool and not very heavy. The blade does not bind when cutting logs as thick as eight inches. I cut through a six in dead cedar log in no time at all. Is a joy to use. Forget the saws where the blade slides back in it's handle. These saws are only good for cutting limbs no more than two inches thick. If you want a nice fire with little effort buy this saw!

By Linda R.

I have used this saw for years. I have never had to replace the handle or blade. As stated it is a hardworking saw. I use it on pack trips into the back country where broken equipment is unacceptable. I never go without this saw. The handle is comfortable to use and it cuts great. I love the wooden handle. It feels good in the hand.

By Theodore M.

Very useful for heavy duty camping.

About Dandy Saw

The Dandy Saw was invented by Ron Grachen who, by nature, was a well-qualified outdoorsman. Dandy Saws took years to develop and underwent several testing stages until Mr. Grachen developed a saw capable of enduring the rugged outdoors. Mr. Grachen finally designed a saw that would last a life time… now that is worth bragging about. Because of its extraordinary quality and durability the saw has been warranted for life. The Dandy Saw was issued two United States patents to protect the innovative blade design. Pleased with his work, Ron Grachen certified his product by having his own named etched on each blade as a sign of quality, durability, and above all reliability.

The patented blade design was created with several purposes in mind; as a result, qualified outfitters, outdoorsman, hunters, hikers and campers have proved the saw time and time again. The Dandy Saw is preferred by hunters because it is versatile, compact, and is easy to carry. Quartering your wild game has never been so easy. Outfitters have found the Dandy Saw to be a lifesaver when clearing trails, cutting wood for the fire, and dressing wild game. Not only is the blade designed for wood and bone, but it is also designed for excessive use. The blade is made from Swedish saw steel specifically designed for the logging industry. The Dandy Saw is one of the most advanced and elite saws in the industry.

The handle is a work of art that complements the quality of its patented blade companion. If it ever breaks it will be replaced without question. The handle is designed to fit the curvature of the hands when sawing. The wood helps prevent blisters when cutting for long hours, while the curved design makes it comfortable. The high grade Baltic Birch handle is chosen for its supreme strength, suave, and durability. It is also coated with a superior wood stain and finished with a clear lacquer for added protection and resistance.

To protect the blade (and your fingers) each Dandy Saw is equipped with a high quality scabbard. The scabbards are designed to protect the blade and the carrier.

There are no regrets when purchasing a Dandy Saw!