Cot Bed Selection

Cot Bed Selection
Kamp-Rite Double Kwik- Cot
$114.99 $129.99
Oversized Steel Army Cot
$129.99 $170.00
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A cot bed ensures a comfortable night of sleep, no matter where you’re camping.  Our cot bed collection offers a wide variety of styles and designs, from heavy-duty roll-a-way beds to a military cot with a sewn-in camouflage pillow.  Most of the models in our cot bed inventory come with a foam mattress for superior comfort.

Looking for a cot bed for two?  We also offer bunk beds, perfect for use in hunting or fishing camps. Not sure what model of cot bed is perfect for you?  Call or email our friendly customer service staff and they’ll be happy to assist you in finding the right fit.

Excellent sleeping cot.

By Interfaith Shelter N.

Our homeless shelters have used many different types of cots in the past. The other cots cannot compare with the quality, ruggedness and ease of set up as the Texsport Mammoth 600 lb XL cot. We plan to purchase more of these cots in the future when funding becomes available.

just awesome !!!!!!

I was looking for a high quality cot and checked a large number of vendors. Nothing had a spring system like this, Yes,it is more expensive and shipping a large item isn't inexpensive but the sum total of cot plus shipping was a worthwhile purchase. Actually purchased 5.Arrived in a very reasonable time.

We purchased these cots for use in our homeless shelters. Over the years we have tried many different brands and styles. The Texsport Mammoth 600 lb XL cot has proved to be the most durable and reliable cot. We intend to purchase more in the future when additional funding becomes available.

For the money this is good cot. I'm 6'2 250 lbs n it is just enough. No extra space but good enough. If weight is issue (bush plane, etc) or space in tent this cot will work. I read complaints about how hard it was to put together, I didn't think it was but if it was easy n sloppy cot wud sag so not sure what those folks expected. There are better cots out there that fit this one's genre but alot more expensive.

First assembly was a struggle. Slept well and comfortably due to size .Very stable when moving around while sleeping.

By Brian B.
Big Bear Econo Roll Up Cot

I bought 4 of these cots for a 10 day camping trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula They are light weight and sturdy. They take a bit of breaking in to get them assembled the first time, and some of our campers with less arm strength couldn't take them apart again (the easiest approach is to hook a leg attachment stub behind a pole and pull to separate the side rail segments). I like the rounded legs, as they may be a little gentler to the floor of our tents than straight legs would be.