Arctic Ice Cooler Parts

Arctic Ice Cooler Parts

I had to buy it at such a high price because it is the only carrier that fits the water heater spout.

I first saw these at an expo in Arizona. I was very pleased to find out that these towels are of high enough quality to keep as a wash-cloth after I was finished using them. This is a great find.

By Deborah B.
Coleman Thermoelectric Cooler Power Supply (110 Volt)

The product was received in a timely manner. I had no problems encountered. It is a great product!

By Duncan F.
Coleman Water Faucet (for 5 Gallon Water Carrier)

The item was as advertised and was packaged and received in very good condition and works properly. Everything was very good!

By Gail B.
Coleman Drain Assembly

It works just great. It was very easy to put in my old cooler. On my last camping trip, the cooler didn't leak at all.

By Sue B.
Coleman 40 oz. Brite Ice Ice Substitute

It works great, but I wish it came in a larger size.

By Sandy S.
Coleman 40 oz. Brite Ice Ice Substitute

The best "blue ice" brand I've found. Heavier, sturdier, longer lasting.