Cast Iron Griddles

Cast Iron Griddles

A cast iron griddle is perfectly suited for frying or boiling food over a campfire, whether you’re cooking burgers or warming stew.  Our cast iron griddles come in a variety of designs, with features like easy-grip handles for convenient transport, raised edges to catch food drippings, and multiple burners.  Many of our cast iron griddle models have a double-sided grilling surface, one ribbed for chicken and steaks, the other flat for pancakes or toasted sandwiches.

Every cast iron griddle we sell is covered by a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

By Douglas M.
Camp Chef Griddle/Grill - Cast Iron, 16" x 24"

Fit the grill I have perfectly. I asked for expedited shipment and I had the thing in 4 days. Again, very happy.

By Lovelle .
Texsport 28" x 14" Cast Iron Griddle

Exactly as advertised and of high quality. VERY pleased

Love it! In fact we're ordering a second one for a friend. We've used other griddles many costing much much more and were not as impressed as with this one.

Used this griddle as part of a large "gaucho" grill I built to further my passion for Argentinian-style grilling. Love it!! It's perfect for the job and stands the high heat without any sign of warping. The cook surface stays "seasoned" with minimal effort on my part. It's a quality piece of grilling equipment.

It's awesome. We like the extra large cooking surface. We've done a lot of blackened chicken and fish and everything has turned out great.

Fine piece of equipment.

I love this griddle! I leave it on my stove because I use it every day. The flat side is perfect for eggs and pancakes and the ridged side is great for grilled veggies and Panini. I have even made pizza and pita bread on it by heating it up very hot on the stove top, loading the food on then sliding it under the broiler. The intense heat from top and bottom cooks a pizza in less than 5 minutes, and pitas in half that. One trick that I have found in using it on the stove top is that if you raise it up a few inches the heat from the burner spreads more evenly. I use the ring from a spring form pan as a sort of wok ring to raise it up. This pan is a bargain! even with the shipping cost (it is almost 10 lbs) it is a great deal.

I am very happy with my purchase!