Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven Selection

Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven Selection

The skillet worked perfectly for making cornbread.

This is the largest Dutch oven you will ever need! Great for camping trips.

I loved the Dutch oven. I had planned to use it on my stove at home since I don't camp. We make a tomato pot roast that is to "die" for and the oven really makes it even better. I used it once, it cleaned up perfect and the family loved it. When I purchased I neglected to pay attention to bottom of the oven. It has feet and this will not fit on my electric stove in my new home.

By Coral B.
Bayou Classic 8.5-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven and Lid with Perforated Aluminum Basket

I used this on stove top and food was cooked evenly. I found the seasoning a bit tiresome. I would buy a seasoned Dutch oven if I had to purchase again. Need to season the item about 3 times before use.

My husband gifted me with the 12- quart Dutch oven and I have used it several times since. The larger size is great for when the kids and their families come over. The grand kids love my chili and potato soup. I love this Dutch oven and recommend it to anyone looking for that little extra space when cooking!

Do business with this company. I purchased a 2qrt Dutch oven but it arrived with a slight crack in the side. I didn't discover it until my first batch of chili. I wrote the company expecting to get the run-a-round. I didn't they sent out a replacement and I got it within days. The product itself is great it makes great beans and chili.

By Mike M.
Bayou Classic 8.5-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven and Lid with Perforated Aluminum Basket

Superb meals have been prepared in this oven. However, because I hang it by the handle from the tripod over a wood fire, I find I cannot remove the lid because the handle prevents the lid from sliding out. To remove the lid, I have to take the oven off the tripod, lower the handle and slide the lid out. Every thing else is excellent.