Car Top Carrier Selection

Car Top Carrier Selection

A car top carrier is a great way to haul your camping gear without clogging up the inside of your car.  These storage packs fit conveniently on top of your car or SUV, with or without a roof rack.  Our car top carrier collection features a number of sizes and designs, so no matter how large your load is we can help you carry it.  Most of our car top carriers are not only waterproof, but also aerodynamically designed to reduce wind resistance and not inhibit fuel efficiency.

We also sell a variety of clips, straps and locks to help you secure your car top carrier.  And remember, the items in our car top carrier collection, like all of our products, are some of the most affordable on the Internet, so you can beef up your camping collection without breaking the bank.

Equinox Ultimate Canoe Carrier
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Equinox Kayak Foam Block
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Seattle Sports Sherpak Go! 15 Cu.ft.
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By Brian N.
Rightline Gear 100S30 Sport 3 Car Top Carrier 18 cu ft

Excellent product very large for storage a family of four went to Florida and the bag was 1/2 full slot of extra space great piece worth the investment.

By Kelly B.
Rightline Gear 100B90, 13 Cubic Foot Vehicle Cargo Saddlebag

We used is product for a trip from Ohio to Florida and it was just what we needed for six people. We ran into snow and rain along the way and had no issue with moisture. We did have to do some engineering as our traverse does not have cross rails for the luggage rack, but two pieces of metal in the rails to hold the hooks worked fine.

By Emily C.
Car Clip Strap Set for Vehicles w/o Roof Racks

We used the straps for extra safety with using a water resistant, soft car topper. We were also using removable bars. The product worked pretty well, though you need to have something to keep the extra strap flap down (the noise is annoying). It's pretty easy to use and we didn't have any problems with it. It helped us travel safely and we had peace of mind because of it.

By Walter H.
Rightline Gear 100B90, 13 Cubic Foot Vehicle Cargo Saddlebag

I drive a 2006 Forester, and this 14 cu. ft. of extra space is wonderful. I'd give it 5 stars but the zipper is a problem. We had to sew up the 2 corners to prevent it from stripping out. The bag holds way more than I thought it would and you can also use it in the back of the car, laid down, as an inside cargo container. There is a tendency for the straps to torque the luggage rack bars, so check them often and make sure they're tight. I also added a 1/2" piece of OSB in the bottom, so it would ride on the bumper better, and it is easier to load.

By Tatiana T.
Rightline Gear 100S30 Sport 3 Car Top Carrier 18 cu ft

I used this for a camping trip and it worked wonderful! Love it and lots of space very good quality

By Tara E.
Rightline Gear 100B90, 13 Cubic Foot Vehicle Cargo Saddlebag

The cargo saddlebag worked really well for our trip from MD to FL. We had no room on the inside of the car with 7 passengers and a 60 lb dog. We have a roof rack cargo bag, but we couldn't fit everything in that. So the additional storage from the cargo saddlebag was much needed, and the material and make of the saddlebag is excellent (and waterproof).

By Nick S.
PackRight Classic Adjustable Size Car Top Carrier 16 cu ft

Very Pleased. We bought this for a three day road trip we were taking. It worked great, kept everything dry, and held a lot of stuff. Easy to use and stuff. I do suggest getting the car clips to hook your door ridge if you do not have a roof rack, which we did not.

By James G.
PackRight Classic Adjustable Size Car Top Carrier 16 cu ft

I bought the Pack-Right based on good reviews. I was going to Nebraska from Texas into an approaching blizzard. Other than taking 2 hours to pack and get secured on top of my SUV, it performed as advertised. I am satisfied although I may opt to buy a bigger vehicle next time.