Chinook Camping Utensils

Chinook Camping Utensils
Chinook Plateau Cutlery Set
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Chinook Ridgeline Cutlery Set
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I've been using this design of lexan flatware as my everyday flatware for many years in an attempt to eliminate heavy metals from my diet. I used to purchase this item from Coleman through Walmart until Coleman stopped carrying it. I used get it in a light grey color, which I prefer. I do not like your color selection, which is the reason I gave it four stars.Other than that I have nothing but good things to say about it.

It's very nice I take it everywhere I go.

It's very nice I take it everywhere I go.

By Shaw Y.
Optimus Titanium Spork

Much more stronger than a regular metal spoon when I try to bend the narrow neck of the titanium spork, but of course I didn't want to break it to see how far I could bend it. I love using it, doesn't bend or break at the stabbing beak of the spork. So far no rust from washing it with soap and water.

I love orange, and this way my silverware will stand out when we go camping with friends

I bought these for a friend, but had used a similar product before buying these so I was familiar with the superior quality. Very handy for camping, RV'ing, boating, etc., as they are light weight, won't rust, but still feel like substantial cutlery.

By L C.
Vargo Titanium Eagle Spork

Very lightweight and strong.

By Mike B.
Ledmark Industries Lexan Plate Set

It is well made items. The package contains everything you will need and the net allows the items to dry well after being washed. Because all items are Lexan, they really are unbreakable.