Camping Tools

Camping Tools

The key to a successful camping trip is preparedness, which is why it pays to have high-quality camping tools in tow.  Need to hack away at some logs for a fire?  Our wood axe collection has the right product for you.  Want to get up close and personal with nature?  Then check out our outdoor optics, featuring a variety of binoculars and other magnifying products.  And don’t forget about our portable tool kit selection, featuring mobile toolboxes with hundreds of different camping tools.

Not sure what camping tools are right for you?  Call or email our friendly customer service staff and they’ll be happy to help you find the product that best fits your needs.

Only gave it 3 stars because you have to put quite a bit of modification and finish work to make thus a good hawk. The coating on the blade , the stupid set screw & the handle finish & fit are all pretty bad. Sanded handle, removed blade paint & set screw & was able to make it a pretty good hawk. It is light & but still decent for small chopping & such once you sharpen the incredibly dull blade. I? carry it around with me on hikes because it is light & versatile tool. Not so good outta the box , but with mods done it is a nice tool. Once the paint is off the head, you can see it is nice steel to profile how you like.