Camping Toilet Selection

Camping Toilet Selection

Purchase a camping toilet and you’ll no longer have to rely on leaves and bushes to do your business outdoors. Our portable toilets are standard sizes and can collapse to the size of a briefcase!  They also come with waste collection bags for easy disposal.   

Our camping toilet inventory also includes sanitary products, such as antibacterial travel towels to keep you free from germs.  All of our camping toilets and related products are sold at some of the most affordable prices on the Internet, so you can stock up on camping gear without breaking the bank.

RESTOP  Privacy Shelter (Grey)
$149.99 $156.00
Free Shipping
RESTOP Privacy Shelter (Camouflage)
$166.99 $175.00
Free Shipping
RESTOP Commode with Supplies
Free Shipping
RESTOP Personal Lavatory System
$275.99 $288.00
Free Shipping

Very sturdy unit, easy to put up after seeing it done once. (youtube)

We use the bags for our family cottage on an island off the coast of Maine. With only an outhouse on bad weather days and during the night it is nice to have an inside option that works and inexpensive. Easy to use with no mess. We will continue to use. Great Product!!!!!

Have not used yet but appears to be a good product.

Very handy when camping in an unimproved campsite.

We've used Camp Suds for years, not only for camping but also around our property. It is not harmful to anything we have growing or any animals, yet is strong enough for clean-up after gardening.

This item is easy to setup as long as you look at the picture first because the written directions are horribly inaccurate and unclear. This enclosure is very large and has a lot of interior space and move ability. When I first set it up I was over-powered by its size; however, I appreciate the roominess now. I recommend this item if you are looking for a shower, a toilet room, changing area, or any reason you want privacy.

It was sturdy! The website stated the supported weight was 200, but I weigh 260, and it was fine.

It was super fast shipment. The item is as it was described.

  • How to Make a Latrine - When you're camping in the wilderness, finding a traditional bathroom is very unlikely. For a group of people planning to stay together at a campsite, the latrine is the best option. Here are some tips on how to construct a latrine near your campsite