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Nestled in the rainforest at the crest of the coast range in Oregon is a small company owned by the Allen family. L.R.I. (Laughing Rabbit, Inc.),was founded by David Allen in 1993 to produce a variety of hand-held light-emitting diode (LED) flashlights marketed under the brand name Photon®.

The idea for the first Photon Micro-Light® came to Allen after a day working with his son on lithium batteries and LEDs. He made a handmade prototype of his vision that intrigued his friends and business associates. At that time, Allen owned a jewelry studio where his 25 years of experience working with gold and platinum brought him orders for custom work from around the world. His expertise in working at the precision level aided him in designing and hand making these small personal flashlights.

The breakthrough for the company came when the U.S. Secret Service called Allen to inquire about the light. Sales to the Secret Service continue to this day. Soon Recreation Equipment, Inc., (REI) picked up the product, followed by L.L. Bean and others. Another recognition of the Photon Micro-Light® came in Jan.1997, when the 81st flight of the space shuttle included the light among its supplies for use by U.S. astronauts. In the cramped area of the space shuttle, the compact brightness of the Photon Micro-Light® made sense. NASA has recently confirmed that the U.S. astronauts made a gift of white Photons® to their Russian cosmonaut colleagues. Scores of product testimonials spontaneously received from buyers attest to the many applications of the various Photon® products - from lighting the way in a house darkened by a storm to lighting up a dancer twirling at a party.

For David Allen, and his wife and business partner, Dallas Allen, Laughing Rabbit is as much about a philosophy as it is about business. The company’s name refers to the essence of cartoon characters such as B'rer Rabbit and Bugs Bunny who manage to be successful by virtue of their wit without harming those around them. It also refers to the personal qualities of humor and integrity that the Allen’s strive to keep in their business and personal lives. The Allen’s share a vision of what these lights can do for their neighbors, community, and the world.