Camping Shower Selection

Camping Shower Selection

Want to freshen up after a long day of hiking?  Look no further than our camping shower collection, where you can find a wide variety of products that will help you scrub off the dirt and dust of the outdoors.  Our camping shower products ranges from compact, easy-to-use heated models, with enough water for five showers, to full-blown luxury camping shower models fit for a king.

We also sell a number of lightweight privacy shelters, so you can dry off and changes clothes comfortably without having to dash behind a tree.  And remember, our camping shower products come with rapid shipping, so you won’t have to wait long to receive your camping gear.

Privacy Shelter with Shower
$129.99 $166.84
Zodi 4 Gallon Plastic Hard Case
$29.95 $48.99
Out of Stock
Zodi Propane Base
$19.95 $42.99
Out of Stock
Zodi Stove Top Water Heater with 6 Volt Pump & Padded Gear Bag
$134.99 $156.99
Free Shipping
Out of Stock
Camp Chef Triton Hot Water Heater
$169.99 $188.00
Out of Stock
Zodi Hot Tap Professional 105,000 BTU Instant Hot Shower
$2,799.95 $3,015.99
Free Shipping
Out of Stock
Zodi Garden Hose Adapter
$17.49 $29.99
Out of Stock

We needed a method for taking a quick shower inside of our cottage in the winter. The water is shut off during this season, but we can use the shower stall. We heated this unit in the kitchen using the stove and was able to take two hot showers!!! Now we can stay at the cottage longer.

Very well made and sturdy, doubles as a water jug. Heats up very quickly on a sunny day, and holds a surprising amount of water.

Good choice for a little utility tent. Use it for shower or porta potty room. A little difficult to assemble. No instructions were included, so save the box.

I bought this product for my cottage. In the winter we close off the water but still do a couple of winter trips. This is the BEST thing. I can't believe how great the water pressure is for a pump that runs on batteries. Buy won't be disappointed

By Gene B.
Camp Chef Triton Hot Water Shower

We have six dogs and bath time was a hassle, even with the nice tub that we got for them. Rinsing with cold water was the rub. Now, with our new Camp Chef Triton Water heater, bath time is a breeze. They LOVE it!!

I absolutely recommend this seller. Item was received as promised and very quickly. I am satisfied totally!

Great item - tad expensive, but grateful that I can repair my solar shower

Perfect except.... the batteries last a long time despite the fact the pump is so powerful. this is now a month. I would like a foot switch because this thing will pump out 3 or 4 gallons of solar heated water before you are ready for it.