Camping Pots & Pans

Camping Pots & Pans

If you’re going to cook on your next trip, you’ll need a durable collection of camping pots and pans.  From skillets to pots and bowls, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for in our expansive inventory of cooking products.   Many of our camping pots and pans are made with ultra light aluminum alloy and other weight-reducing materials, so you won’t be weighed down by your cooking gear.  We also feature Teflon-coated pans to prevent food from sticking to your cooking gear.

All of our camping pots & pans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Exactly what I needed, good quality pot

Good quality cast iron.

The skillet has worked fine for me.

I love my big frying pan. It is more than I expected. We sometimes cook for 20 or more in camp and our Bayou Classic is more than adequate. Very pleased!

This pan is very big and heavy. It does not come seasoned and does not fit in a standard oven. I was able to put aluminum foil around the opening of the oven to season it. The pan I got is not totally flat and wood rock on a flat top stove but I don't think anyone is going to use this inside. It works great on my Bayou Classic outdoor burner. Overall for the money this is a great outdoor skillet, you can cook mass amounts of food at once. I was able to cook 6 lbs of sausage, 12 peppers and 12 onions all at the same time. You need a very wide burner to get even heat. Great skillet.

This design might be fine however, for cooking over a campfire, hot coals, or a gas burner stove if the burner grate will fit and support correctly on the raised ring/logo casting on the bottom of the pan. The pan arrives grey cast iron, well coated with paraffin to prevent rusting. This must be removed and the pan seasoned (like all cast iron pans) before use. Instructions included with the pan explain this process. I have several other cast iron pans (made by a US manufacturer) which I use frequently, and they are of much better quality than this Bayou Classic pan. I would only recommend this pan for outdoor campfire type use, or if your budget requires the cheapest possible pan you can find. You will be much better off spending a little more to get a quality cast iron pan that will last a lifetime and be a pleasure to use.

I like it very much! I had trouble getting the wax off.

These iron skillets worked great on our camping trip.