Trangia Camping Mess Kit Collection

Trangia Camping Mess Kit Collection

This is THE best camping cook set every made! I have owned this exact set since I was a Boy Scout in 1968, and just passed it along to our children and grandchildren for them to use. They loved it! It is durable, versatile, lightweight and a great value even today!

By Barrett A.
Open Country Weekender 6 Person Cook Set

Solid cook set made of durable materials that is accompanied by a large assortment of items. The low price relative to comparable sets offered on other sites really gives you the most bang for your buck! And no, I do not work for this website.

By Ed B.
GSI Glacier Stainless Cookset, Large

I have used this cook set on one camping trip so far and am very pleased with it. The size of the pots and pans allows for various uses but since they nest together storage is very easy and they fit very well into my camping equipment. The handle is sturdy and works well - in fact I purchased an extra handle and that makes it easy to have two of the pieces in use at the same time. I recommend this set.

I haven't used fry pan, but this is exactly what we wanted and we love it

By Ben B.
GSI Cascadian 4 Person Table Set

I purchased these items for my boys who are Boy Scouts, and these will be going on camp outs. These items are excellent for camping.

By Janet P.
GSI Extreme Anodized 6 Piece Mess Kit

My Son Craig is in Boy Scouts and he wanted a durable mess kit. He found it with the one we ordered from Camping Gear Outlet. His next campout is this weekend where he will participate in the "Polar Bear" event. He will need to be outside for several hours in our cold winter weather and he will be using his mess kit to cook and eat his meals. He loves it!

By Patrick H.
Ledmark Industries 12 Piece Camping Set

It is good for camping and I have used it a lot. In the last sense I received it. I would recommend it. It work"s great!