RV Camping

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RV camping combines the luxury of a hotel with the outdoor experience of camping. Here's some information about RV camping.

If you're someone who wants to reconnect with nature and the outdoors, but isn't interested in sleeping in a sleeping bag on the uncomfortable ground, RV camping may be the thing for you. An RV allows you to combine the luxury of sleeping indoors with the convenience of stepping outside into the wilderness.

RV Camping

Advantages and Amenities of an RV

Although the main advantage of camping with an RV is the comfort level and ability to avoid the elements of nature while sleeping, there are also a number of other advantages. For example, unlike camping tents, RVs can be rented. The great thing is you can rent or buy different types of RVs that will accommodate your specific needs. There are more than a dozen types of RVs, including trailers that simply attach to the back of your car and full-blown motor homes.

Certain RVs come equipped with showers, stoves, toilets, full-sized beds and televisions. These vehicles are built for functionality and comfort, so you can spend the days exploring the woods and the nights in a luxurious RV. Yet another advantage of an RV is its ability to go to any campsite where it is permitted. Sometimes, taking your RV to a location is as simple as getting a permit. RVs are also perfect for a family road trip over the summer, because they are welcomed across the country and pleasant enough to stay in for long spans of time.

A Brief History of RVs

Modern day RVs, or recreational vehicles, stem from necessity rather than recreation. Campers were used in caravans when people needed to sleep while traveling to and from destinations. According to Wikipedia, some of the earliest wagons that were built to live in were made in France around 1810 and were ultimately used in later decades for traveling circuses and Gypsies.

By the 1920s, after cars were becoming more affordable, motor homes became increasingly popular in the United States. The seed of modern day RVs was planted after camping clubs for RVs were created and campsites for RVs exploded. Eventually, companies began manufacturing camping trailers and mobile homes.

Additional Information About RVs During Camping Trips

As previously stated, some campsites require permits for RVs, so it's harder to be spontaneous. There are a lot of great RV parks and organizations that cater specifically to RV users. For example, the Good Sam Club is a community of RV owners who receive discounts, tips and services for being part of the organization.

Similar to car camping, there's more to RV camping than parking at a lot and watching other RVers sit around their vehicle. There are usually a number of activities and social gatherings that take place at RV parks.

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