Travel Chair El Grande Canyon Table

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Travel Chair El Grande Canyon Table
Travel Chair El Grande Canyon Table
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Great for food prep, making drinks or dinner with the family.


• Aluminum throughout.

• Compression lock telescoping legs.

• Easy set up and take down.

• seats 4 - 6

• Aluminum

• Polyester bag


• Open Dimensions: 43.5" x 27.5" x 27.5-33.5"

• Closed Dimensions: 5" x 10" x 27.5"

• Weight Capacity: 75 Lbs

Model Number: 2089LG
Catalog Number: 39660
Average Rating:
By Man H. from St. Louis, MO
December 15, 2008

I love the tables! I use them in my jewelry display. I love the telescoping legs and the ease of use,especially the portability.

By Ediwn B. from Costa Mesa, CA
August 23, 2008

1. Portable and take up little space. 2. Very very light. 3. Fast real easy to assemble and take apart. 4 The table is very sturdy and strong. 5. Everyone who sees this product that I have wants to have one and asked where I got this product. 6. We loved this product so much that we have a total of 5 table (El Grande Canyon table).

By Clint K. from Pacifica, CA
October 17, 2007

This is a great table for outdoors! It has adjustable legs for any situation and it folds down to a very small package. Can take it anywhere.

By John D. from Boston, MA
September 19, 2007

A superb table! It fits into the cockpit of my sailboat to make it into a dining spot for 5 people (with a bigger boat it could seat 6). The adjustable height legs separated this product from all of the competitors' products I could locate, and was critical to its successful use on the boat where the cockpit seats are high. A#1 for my use--and it won't rust in a marine environment. And delivery occurred right on time for the weekend during which I first needed it.

By Kathleen P. from Tustin, CA
June 20, 2007

This table is light weight, sturdy, and easy to clean. The adjustable legs provided an even surface on an uneven campsite. The table is an excellent addition to our tent camping equipment.

By Kevin K. from Cary, NC
June 16, 2007

It sets up easily and quickly, requiring little thought. It serves its purpose flawlessly, and it holds food!

By Dianne R. from Lebanon, NH
April 26, 2007

Very nice table, easy to use. Had a smaller one, this is a great larger size!

By Donna T. from North Carolina
January 23, 2007

We purchased this table for tailgating. It is sturdy enough and packs very easily for storage in the bag. Best of all it is so easy to carry!

By Thomas B. from Chatsworth, GA
January 11, 2007

It is easy to set-up and durable.

By Anna G. from Phoenix, AZ
November 11, 2006

This is lightweight, fast and easy to setup. The table was used on a river trip and as compared to a previous "table from hell", it performed wonderfully. The telescoping legs helped to level the table on unstable sandy and rocky ground. It held a 4 burner propane stove with enough room for kitchen prep. The legs are also grooved, which eases the expansion of the "joists" in setting up the table.

By Stefan L. from New York, NY
September 29, 2006

It is easy to assemble, light and portable.

By Jaylynne E. from Lacombe, LA
September 19, 2006

The table arrived quickly and is very easy to put together. It is sturdy enough to handle things such as a radio, toaster, electric skillet, etc.

By John S. from Taft, CA
September 17, 2006

This is a great product! It is an easy set-up and easy to store. It sure beats my old folding aluminum table. I've recommended this product to my RV friends.

By Andrea R. from Windsor, On (canada)
September 12, 2006

We love this table, it worked great! It couldn't be better!

By Bob H. from Millbrook, AL
September 2, 2006

It is very easy to use, clean and store. Thanks for making it available.

By Wendy S. from Auburn, NH
August 28, 2006

What a great item!! I've looked for something like this locally and couldn't find anything. This table is PERFECT for camping and tailgating - and SO easy to set up! A GREAT FIND!

By Jackie K. from Chicago, IL
August 14, 2006

GREAT table. Very lightweight and portable, and expands to a good size. We've used it for several picnic buffets and always get compliments on its functionality.

By Jill M. from Chicago, IL
July 6, 2006

This is a great little table to take around, camping or whatever. You definitely can't sit on it or put anything too heavy on it but it's fine for eating and setting light items on. It goes up quickly and easily.

By Cort S. from Napa, CA
June 25, 2006

Great, sturdy table that rolls up into a conveniently small tote bag. I particularly like the telescoping legs for uneven terrain.

By Rich B. from Mi
June 17, 2006

I like it for a compact able table for camp and kyack.

By Sharon K. from Oak Park, IL
June 9, 2006

Purchased this item to use with a pleasure boat. It has met every expectation and then some. Especially like the fact that it adjusts to two heights making it useful for more than one purpose. Everyone who's seen it wants to get on.

By Joey D. from Northern, CO
May 8, 2010

This is a great table! Compact for travel. Stable for camp. The metal top is easy to clean up and safe for hot pots.

By Jason V. from Bozeman, MT
September 7, 2008

This table was all that I expected it to be. It is easy to set up, functional and durable (so far.)

By Edwin B. from Costa Mesa, CA
August 15, 2008

El Grande table is: 1. Very light weight and easy to carry. 2. Portability & Strong and stable 3. Fast to set-up and break-down that everyone saw it wants to get it instead of carrying those heavy folding table. 4. The top is aluminum its easy to place hot or cold items on and easy to clean. 5. We liked it so much that we bought 4 El Grande tables and used them for different events like baseball, picnics, dragonboat races, outrigger races, and parties.

By Oakland R. from Oakland, CA
November 26, 2007

I used it for a Raiders tailgate party and it held a small gas grill and a camping stove(a slight angle to fit the propane) at the same time. The table did not sway at all while cooking burgers, carne asada or a pot of chili. If you like being compact and lite, I'd recommend this table. Easy to assemble, disassemble and stow away.

By William R. from San Francisco, CA
November 7, 2007

This is a good work table.

By John F. from Richland, WA
June 6, 2007

It's a very nice lightweight table I bought for my RV. It sets up quickly and I do not have to worry about burning the surface with a BBQ or camp stove. Individually adjustable legs are great for uneven ground.

By Joe Z. from Houston, TX
April 14, 2007

I've only taken this on one camping trip so far. For about a week it served as our cooking table and supported the camp stove. It's well made and easy to assemble (after the first time). I had two issues with it. First, any serious weight will overcome the friction that sets the leg length (don't sit on it). Secondly, it's easy for some of the tubes to slide out of the supplied bag. Over all I recommend this table.

By Teri K. from Reading, PA
January 26, 2007

This is the 3rd table of this kind we have purchased. We have one and the others were gifts. They are great for tailgating and very easy to store.

By Doris C. from North Bay, CA
December 21, 2006

This is very good!

By Jeffrey S. from Hickory, NC
December 21, 2006

I'm very pleased with the tables.

By Jim B. from Houston, TX
December 8, 2006

I have used the table and found that it is very easy to setup and the adjustable legs allowed me to get it level.

By Tony S. from San Jose, CA
September 15, 2006

I like it for smaller events!

By Laurel K. from New York
August 15, 2006

Takes little space to pack ... easy to set up and gives lots of table space. Adjustable height is a great addition for uneven ground.

By Laurel K. from New York, NY
August 15, 2006

Takes little space to pack. Easy to set up and gives lots of table space. Adjustable height is a great addition for uneven ground.

By Joe D. from York, PA
March 14, 2006

A great light-weight portable table. Since it's aluminum be careful not to kneel on it during assembly or you'll dent the surface. The assembly takes approximately 1 minute for one person because attaching the collapsible leg unit to the underside of the table is a little tricky. The table is very sturdy.

By Chance S. from Silver Spring, MD
August 23, 2005

The table is light, compact, and travels well. It goes togther rather easily and folds up and stores in its carrying bag very well. I wouldn't trade it for anything I've see out there. One of the tubes that support the table top has an incongruent hole that slightly misaligns, and this small and not inoperable defect is the only flaw in an otherwise brilliant product. I'd buy another.

By Leslie W. from Snoqualmie, WA
July 5, 2009

I bought these tables to use at craft fairs to display my jewelry. While they are easy to carry, since they breakdown into bags, they are very unsteady. The legs are height adjustable but not all extend to the same length exactly which makes it hard to stabilize without a lot of messing around.

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FRAMES: Our steels and aluminums are a grade higher than what is on the market and a tick or two thicker. Are you thinking of getting that less expensive chair? Just remember, it’s less expensive for a reason. And it’s not what you get, but what’s missing that counts.

DESIGN: TRAVELCHAIR® started the whole folding furniture genre in 1984. Natural selection has led to a design that is as simple, as light and as tough as possible. Since 1984 we have sold over 2.5 million chairs – that’s a lot of real life abuse (we call it product testing).

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