Travel Chair Big Bubba Folding Outdoor Chair, Green

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Travel Chair Big Bubba Folding Outdoor Chair, Green
Travel Chair Big Bubba Folding Outdoor Chair, Green
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• With a high back and deep seat, all day comfort is one sit away.

• Adjustable contour pillow.

• Adjustable/ removable footrest.

• Reinforced rip-stop fabric at stress points.

• Sling seat design.

• Carry bag with adjustable shoulder strap included

• Non-marring anti-slip polymer soled feet

• Powder coated steel

• Nail Head/ Rip Stop Poly


•Capacity 300 lb.

•Open: 58" x 32" x 40"

•Closed: 6" x 8" x 41"

•Seat: 27" x 21" x 17"

Model Number: 789FRVG
Catalog Number: 39649
Average Rating:
By Ann L. from Colorado
August 30, 2012

This chair is great. The footstool attaches well and folds with the chair. But there is nothing like putting your feet up after a long hike. Then you can scrunch down in the chair and look at the the tree tops or stars. Sturdy, well made, and quite wonderful.

By Rod H. from Charlotte, NC
November 22, 2010

Great chair. It stows away nicely and is very solid and comfortable. I'm 220 lbs and it feels more than strong enough. I don't use the foot rest too much but am more than satisfied with the chair.

By Lisa H. from Brazoria, TX
January 5, 2009

I purchased this chair for my husband. He loves it! It seems to be sturdy and the leg rest fits his very long legs just fine.

By Randall H. from Baltimore, MD
September 28, 2008

This is a very nice chair and great quality! It is an excellent company to deal with!

By Sarah C. from Salt Lake City, UT
July 20, 2008

This is a very comfortable chair! It is great for after a long hike. You can put your feet up and have a drink by the camp fire.

By Winifred M. from New York, NY
November 27, 2007

The chair is very comfortable,sturdy and durable. It folds up nicely into a neat little package which makes it easy to store. I would highly recommend this item!

By Sam P. from Palos Heights, IL
October 20, 2007

Once the chair arrived. I took it out and tried it. I am a plus size man and finding a good chair is rare indeed. I am very happy with the chair and looking forward to many a nights cat fishing at the lakes. It should be a good relaxing time.

By Steve L. from Queens, NY
August 31, 2007

The chair is comfy and cool.

By Tiffany M. from Springdale, AR
July 27, 2007

My husband loves it!

By Marianne P. from Plymouth, MA
June 21, 2007

The chair is easy to expand and seats comfortably. It is a nice chair for people needing to elevate their legs and feet. I would encourage people to purchase one.

By Donna J. from Pennsylvania
January 18, 2007

We love the chair. It is extra roomy for bigger folks and even if not a big person it is always nice to have the extra room. Who knows when a child wants to sit with a friend or with Mom or Dad. The chair is easy to function and fold up and out. Thanks!

By Constance B. from Oakland, CA
November 7, 2006

This is an amazingly comfortable chair, and I don't just mean "comfortable, for a camp chair." I mean, comfortable compared to a sofa. The foot rest is key. It seems very sturdy also. I gave it to my brother for his birthday and now I think I might have to give one to my sister-in-law too.

By Barbara S. from Colorado Springs, CO
July 18, 2006

My husband is very pleased with the 'Big Bubba' travel chair. I purchased the chair mainly because it is rated for 300 lbs. All the local stores that sell a similar chair are only rated for 225 lbs. Even though my husband doesn't need the higher weight we think the stronger chair will resist the breaking and bending that our other chairs have suffered.

By J P. from Huntington Woods, MI
July 18, 2006

The chair is very comfortable and the foot rest is nice for me during this summer because I'm 7 months pregnant with twins right now.

By Mary B. from Charlotte, NC
April 21, 2006

This chair is very comfortable. The leg rest if very nice. The only draw back to the chair is that you sink for far in that sometimes it is hard to get up.

By Kathryn W. from New York, NY
March 13, 2006

I'm very happy with my travel chair. I use it for my hypnosis clients, and they find it to be very comfortable. It's light-weight and easy to carry around.

By Rob M. from Hamilton Nj
November 14, 2005

This chair is very comfortable. It is not much larger than a standard camping chair when it is folded up so packing wasn't a problem. The last camping trip we were on we had torrential downpours for 36 hours (NONSTOP!) so I had to take the footrest off in order to fit under our small shelter. It was fairly easy to do but you need a phillips head in order to do so. The chair is a little "pricy" in my opinion, but after working around the campsite it sure is nice to be able to put yer feet up.

By Stevie W. from San Diego, CA
November 6, 2005

Just what my boyfriend wanted! He really enjoyed the additional leg rest! I got so many kisses and thanks for this!

By Michele M. from Bridgeport, CT
September 13, 2005

The chair is easy to setup and close and comfortable to sit in. My husband and I are "large" people and we loved it when we went camping. It was so comfortable he fell asleep in it!

By Jane M. from Pella, IA
August 25, 2005

This chair is wonderful and worth the additional cost when compared to the standard discount store models. This chair is strong, larger than others, and very comfortable. It is also easy to place in the storage bags without struggle. My only complaint is that the handles came loose from one of the storage bags after only 4 uses.

By Michael H. from Merrimack, NH
October 16, 2007

Great quality! I am not a small person and this supports me perfectly!

By Dustin D. from Ft. Benning, GA
October 11, 2007

It's a great product! I really like the pillow and leg rest.

By Douglas W. from Toccoa, GA
June 23, 2007

While the chair is extremely comfortable I have found two problems with it. The first is that I have some trouble getting up out of the chair. I have to have my legs spread on either side of the foot rest and then push up, or swing my body forward a bit and I find this hard--well, bothersome would be a better term. Maybe it is just that my bones are so old. The other problem is with the foot rest itself. Shortly after it had arrived I noticed that where it was stitched on the right side I could see light where the stitches were. Sooner or later this will tear and spread all the way across to the left side. The chair itself is GREAT overall. Would I buy another one--YES.

By Joanne H. from Delray Beach, FL
April 15, 2007

This chair is very comfortable. We use them on the back of our boat for late afternoon relaxing.

By Dee B. from Seattle, WA
November 22, 2006

The chair is comfortable!

By Bill J. from Sequim, WA
November 8, 2006

It is just what I was looking for!

By Charles S. from Ft Myers, Fll
October 28, 2006

The service was a 5 start. The chair is light and easy to fold.

By Sarah D. from Houston, TX
August 9, 2006

My husband really likes the chair. It would be nice if had included instructions for how to set it up however. The first time, it took a few minutes to figure it out.

By Kelly S. from Liverpool, NY
May 17, 2006

Great relaxing chair for outdoors. I love the footrest - that's the main reason I got it. The company also provided good service once I bought the chair - the chair arrived with a damaged plastic part, and they replaced it in just a couple of days.

By Albert L. from Lansdale, PA
March 17, 2006

Good fold up chair, but like most of these types of chairs,the weakest part on them is the plastic brackets that connect the steel poles together. These plastic brackets are the weakest link on this chair. When they crack & break (and they eventually will)it renders the chair useless and it becomes the next thing to go out in the trash. The manufacturers that make these fold up chairs, really should consider having those plastic connecting brackets made out of metal instead of plastic so the chair will last.

By Jean S. from Cleveland, Ohio
January 10, 2006

This chair was a Christmas gift for my son who loves to hike and camp. At first I thought it might be too big for his purposes, but he is delighted with it. He says that it is the most comfortable camp chair that he ever owned.

By James K. from Alexandria, VA
September 27, 2005

Good sturdy chair. Only thing that would make it better is if it reclined two inches more. Overall I am very happy with the purchase.

By Joanne K. from Skokie, IL
August 23, 2005

The chair is great and was delivered properly so it would be a surprise.

By Susan Y. from Bucks County, PA
July 18, 2007

We like the chair, it was easy to set up and comfortable to sit in, but it was heavier to carry than we expected.

By Elizabeth S. from Wellington, Ohio
August 26, 2005

The frame is more substansial than the other, cheaper chairs I've seen. The stitching in the arms didn't hold well though. I had to replace it with pop rivets. also, it is HARD to get in and out of, especially with the foot rest attached.

By Jodi N. from Santa Rosa , CA
July 16, 2007

These chairs did not last for 1 trip. The straps on the leg extensions all broke, and the material started to fray (this was with normal size 200-250lb men; not 300lb-ers). I was not happy with these chairs at all.

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We know – it’s just a chair. No big deal if it breaks. Right? It’s not like a carabineer straightening out and sending you hurtling to your death. Or breaking a paddle on a Class V river just before you skirt that terminal sieve. But if your chair breaks it will hack you off. And it will hack us off.

Since 1984 we have been designing chairs in phun hog heaven in Gig Harbor, Washington. We overbuild them from the nylon that we use in the feet to the webbing that holds the seatbacks to the frames. We’re just that way. Hey – we know that it’s just a chair. But we want it to be the best chair that you’ve ever owned.

WEBBING: Seat belt webbing is good enough to save your life and it is good enough to reinforce our chairs. We could do the “industry standard” and just take another fold of our 600 denier fabric for reinforcements, but we wouldn’t be happy with the results. Neither would you.

FEET: Who would think that a little black piece could be so important? Feet hold the chair together and keep you out of the dirt. Our feet are designed, like our molded grommets, to be at peace when loaded. Our nylon insures that the feet in your chair will be yoga flexible and powerlifter strong.

GROMMETS: TRAVELCHAIR® molds grommets to conform to optimal angles when the chair is loaded. High strength nylon and double stitching means no compromise in durability for you.

RIVETS: Not all rivets are the same - ours are oversized to maintain frame integrity. Instead of drilling a large hole to drop our rivet into and then mashing down the ends for a tight fit, we drill to exacting tolerances, which means more manufacturing time spent creating TRAVELCHAIR® products, and much longer, happier life in your hands.

FRAMES: Our steels and aluminums are a grade higher than what is on the market and a tick or two thicker. Are you thinking of getting that less expensive chair? Just remember, it’s less expensive for a reason. And it’s not what you get, but what’s missing that counts.

DESIGN: TRAVELCHAIR® started the whole folding furniture genre in 1984. Natural selection has led to a design that is as simple, as light and as tough as possible. Since 1984 we have sold over 2.5 million chairs – that’s a lot of real life abuse (we call it product testing).

FABRIC: The common thread throughout our line is that each fabric must be the ultimate in durability for its intended use. Take the 600 denier nylon. We use a double layer instead of a single layer like the discount store chairs. Our Ballistic Nylon and Polyester Meshes are the result of having a need and then working with suppliers to make it happen. Of course, along the way we put it through product testing in the Desert Southwest, in Chilean Patagonia and in our own warehouse.

DETAILS: We overbuild. You will probably never notice things like bar tacking, doubling of fabrics and reinforcement fabrics made of seat belt material, but we will. The bottom line is that attention to detail makes good designs work best.

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More Info

Static Test Weight (Mass):

• 300 pounds (136.08 kg)

• Drop Height: 6" (152.4 mm)

• No instability or deformation after a load of 225 pounds was dropped on the seat.

• Dynamic Test: The chair withstood failure up to a weight of 1,056 pounds.

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