Neodannas Balaclavas, Hoods & Facemasks

Neodannas Balaclavas, Hoods & Facemasks

Seems to be what I was looking for, but could be a foot longer, other than that it is well made and does what it is supposed to! It was delivered in a timely manner as well. All in all, very pleased!

By Caleb L.
Neoprene Face Mask, Digital ACU

A nice quality facemask. I have about an average sized head, and the mask fits perfectly. The eye holes are large enough to provide good sight, but small enough to minimize air entry. The nose and mouth holes are small, but tolerable. The smooth inside is good, and barely rubs. Overall, it's great, the pattern just finishes it off. Delivery was fast, too.

Needed to enlarge air holes, but easily done with scissors. Great for bike riding in winter.

By Linda R.
Hatch Fleece Balaclava, Black

I bought one of these hoods for my husband for the winter a few years ago because he works out in the weather. He liked it a lot but ended up loosing it. I looked everywhere trying to find another and finally found one here. He loves having it when it's cold and windy. He said he gave it a 4 star because he didn't like where the strings are when he tightens it around his face. He would like to be able to adjust them better. Overall it's a good product.

By Greta C.
Cold Weather Headwear Neoprene Face Mask, Skull Head

Good product and quick delivery.

By Vincent R.
Hatch Fleece Balaclava, Black

This was a gift for someone else. I examined it before giving and it looked to be constructed very well (better than the ones in department stores and as good as those in sporting goods stores). The receiver uses it quite a bit, and is very pleased.

By Chris P.
Hatch Fleece Balaclava, Black

It is exactly as described and does exactly what I want. It is soft and it keeps my head warm.

By Craig R.
Hatch Fleece Balaclava, Black

I work outside in thirty to forty degree weather. This item is great! I am a lot more comfortable now. I can remove it easily if it warms up during the day.