Hydration Packs

Hydration Packs

A hydration pack is a type of hydration system built as a backpack or waistpack containing a reservoir or "bladder" commonly made of rubber or flexible plastic. The reservoir contains a capped mouth for filling with liquid and a hose that allows the wearer to drink hands-free. Some hydration packs are insulated to keep water from freezing or becoming warm. Reservoir sizes commonly range from 1.5 to 3.0 litres. Hydration packs are commonly used for outdoor recreational activities, such as camping, hiking, bicycling, and kayaking, as well as for military maneuvers.

Stansport North Rim 2 Bottle Fanny Pack
$24.99 $31.30
Out of Stock
Sawyer Mini Filter
Out of Stock
Evernew Water Carry 2000Ml
Out of Stock
Vapur Element 0.7L - Red
Out of Stock
Stansport Red Wall Hydration Back Pack
$26.99 $34.26
Out of Stock
Vapur Shades 0.5L - Hot Pink
Out of Stock
Hydrapak 3l Shape-shift Reservoir
Out of Stock
By Civie R.
Picnic Time Hydration Pack with 2 Liter Resevoir, Tubing and Mouthpiece

I think this is a very good item but would like to also see it in a liter size.

By Tim N.
Wenger Mojave 2L Hydration Pack

This is excellent and my son loves it! It has pockets to keep some snacks, and a locking valve so the water won't drip. 2L is a good size as well. I like it better than mine (a Chinese knock off) and my other sons Camel. Wenger's is a good design.

By Nick Y.
Outdoor Cyclone Hydration Bladder BL2000OP

This item was great. It works perfectly and was delivered promptly. I couldn't be happier.

By Jeremy M.
FuelBelt 1627FB Mono 1-Bottle Belt - Large

I love the smallness of this belt. However, you need to order a larger size than you think you will need. I ordered a large for a size 12 woman but it was too small. I even measured and it was still too small.

By Jennifer E.
Fuelbelt Terminator 6-Bottle Belt - Large Waist

This is great! Thanks!

By Adam R.
Fuel Belt Wachusett Belt Black

The Wachusett belt works great, just as advertised. I am using it to train for a half-marathon and find the 20 ounces is just right for my runs. The pack is comfortable and stays close as you run so there is minimal bouncing. I would recommend this product for any distance runner.

By Tommy H.
Fuelbelt Trail Runner Belt 3089FB

This fuel belt helps me on the long run (60+ minutes). It has four 7 oz water bottles and 4 small pockets for power bars, keys, cell phone, ID and etc. Adjustable waist belt is good for most people. This product is highly recommended for all endurance sports fans.

By Linda K.
Fuelbelt Mono Belt - Medium Waist

This is an excellent product. The service was quick too!

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